Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Flamingo Invitations for Adie

I swear our days are blurring into weeks and we all need a vacation or at least the beach! I love everything about birthday parties and birthday invitations are where it all starts! You can see a couple of my favorites here and here for Adie :) I freaking love birthdays and celebrating my two little babes in the summer is my favorite and I look forward to it every year. Like everything else I even stress about invitations (the little stuff I know) but I couldn't really find a favorite on Pinterest so I made my own and sent them out this week! Never doubt yourself or what you're capable of because I rocked invitations and you can too! ;)

Every day Adie looks a little bigger and she is more independent now than ever! She loves the crap out of her baby brother and lately has been asking to hold him and that lasts for a mere 2 seconds! She is so full of imagination it literally rocks my world, coloring is her jam and she draws the best sun and it melts my heart how sensitive she is. Birthdays are my way of celebrating all of that, they are my favorite way to party and this year, flamingos by the pool ... I can't wait! We are celebrating in Utah since we will be there for the 4th of July at our favorite place, Papa's house :) Then we will be going to the cabin for fireworks.

 I love these two stinking so much! 

Happy hump day! -XO!

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