Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adie's Birthday Wish List

I cannot believe my little Adie babes will be turning four next week and I can't wait to spoil the crap out of her. We are having a flamingo pool party (you can see our inspiration here) and her invitations turned out stinking so cute :) and you can see those here. She is so full of everything I hoped in having a daughter. She makes me want four more just like her and a couple just like Aden. She literally is a girl with many talents, funny stories and the best ideas. 

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Adie loves music and to dance, she would love to rock the ukulele every day and is one of her top picks for her birthday! What kid doesn't need new shoes or clothes ... love all of the sneakers from J.Crew and they go perfect with dresses, skirts or cute shorts. She is all about her dolls and what better way to spend the afternoon than camping with them. Cutest ever mini camper that you can move anywhere in the house to start adventures :) One of Adie's favorite dolls have been from Candy Kirby and she's named her Bubbles so of course, Bubbles needs a friend. My little girl is famous for putting the smallest things into anything she can find and then carries it around the house or to Target. I love the pink caddy just for her ... for days she wants to be creative and draw, which her drawings literally now melt my heart. Or days she wants to have a tea party and snacks would be a must for a picnic with her bestest friends.

We are all about anything tropical and pink so the pink pineapple light is PERFECT!!! Adie's cute little kitchen is her favorite thing (Aden's too), she makes things extra spicy, and mixes everything together for the best soup. Pasta and watermelon are a few musts to update her kitchen needs. I love that giant chair to keep in her room and eventually in a playroom for my little people with pillows and reading time. But the funnest gift ever ... we are taking Adie to Disneyland and cannot wait to see her face with all of the princesses, and going on fun rides and having the best time ever.

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