Sunday, May 15, 2016

Photo-shoot + Behind the Scenes with Peek Kids

Our second day with Peek Kids in San Francisco was literally a dream! The Botanical Gardens are stunning, the weather was cool and crisp, and Adie didn't want to take pictures when we got there. First thing first, was getting her changed into her outfit, after some major convincing she looked stinking adorable. The shorts and sweater look are my new favorite for summer (nights) after a day of the pool with my favorites. The first style of the day was so fun, they had the models play tug-of-war and that was right up Adie's league! She made a new best friend and took some pictures with her running and playing peek-a-boo! If you follow Peek Kids on Instagram you've seen the cutest picture already :) After the first location, Adie was already telling me to hurry and change her outfit and to go ... she didn't want to miss a thing with her new friends! Everyone is so sweet, they had coloring, bracelets to make and lots of food! 

I hung out with the other parents and Aden while Adie hung out with the crew. She did so awesome, I just let her do her own thing and it worked! I would check in on her every now and again, to see how cute she was! They ran down hills, which Adie is obsessed with always being in first place so she took it pretty seriously! We saw a sneak PEEK of their pre-Fall collection and I am in LOVE! Everything is so perfect! The outfit Aden is wearing (the white pants and grey tee) is stylish and comfy for little babies! I love the rolled up look with the blue stripes and the softest tee ever! 

After our time at the Botanical Gardens we grabbed some lunch at a local sandwich place ... which was yum, and headed back to Chestnut Street to shop! My favorite part of the trip :) Peek Kids in San Francisco is the cutest store. One thing I love about Peek Kids when you shop is that they totally get Mommies bring their babies, so the kids colored and Adie shopped with me! They have the stinking cutest temporary tattoos for summer, the watermelon was a must along with the VW bus and surfboard! We grabbed a few comfy tees, shorts and the most darling dress ever!

We finished shopping and drove through Lombard Street which is the crookedest street in the world! We drove with the windows down through the steep, hilly street lined with beautiful Victorian mansions. Just driving downtown was fun, we grabbed an In -N- Out soda and headed back to our hotel with our tired little people! It felt like we were leaving family after our time with Peek Kids, I didn't want to leave! San Francisco has so much character and spunky style that I cannot get enough of. I cannot wait to go back :) and we are looking forward to our friendship with Peek Kids!

We are so excited to see how the photo-shoot turned out and I cannot wait to head to the stores and see my two favorites in our favorite store!!! -XO!

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