Friday, May 13, 2016

Peek Kids in San Francisco

Happy Friday Guys! I have been dying to share what we've been up to. First things first ... San Francisco is now my new favorite city! We cannot wait to go back, eat at Tacolicious, shop and the Golden Gate Bridge is all Adie is talking about! If you have been following us for awhile you know how much I scratch that, we ;) LOVE Peek Kids

People tend to forget that play is serious. -David Hockney Playfully inspired designer kids clothes that has something for every kid and both of mine! Season after season, kids love wearing Peek; while Mommies love new collections which means new pieces that feature modern and fresh color palettes, interesting details, and inspired designs, yet woven through every collection are the same high quality, versatility and style. With new arrivals happening on a regular basis my two little people are always on the cutting edge of fashion. Comfortable, versatile and well-made pieces are the foundation for Peek Kids and the every day outfit for my Adie and Aden. 

Now for the best part ... meet the two new faces of Peek Kids! My little Adie and Aden! :) I know, I am so excited to share our road trip and behind the scenes with you! We (my sister and her babies came with) drove up the coast to San Francisco, stopped at In N' Out for a much needed pit stop and hauled three bags + a diaper bag and my two little people up to our hotel room. You can see some tips + tricks that work for us while traveling with little people here, #ten is my favorite! :) After everyone had baths, the kids had a sleep party until they all crashed. We woke up early to drive to San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers which is so beautiful! Literally flowers everywhere! Adie wanted to run and dance everywhere, she kept running up/down the hill and picking flowers. Aden just wanted me to hold him or crawl in the grass. The weather was beautiful, a little overcast, crisp air and the sun peeked out towards the afternoon.

When we got there everyone from Peek was stinking so friendly and we got right to work! This is Adie and Aden's first time having someone else take their pictures besides me, which Adie is always telling me to take just one picture! We got them both dressed in their 4th of July outfits which Aden's was my favorite! I am dying over their summer collection, it has me excited for pool days, BBQ's, late afternoon lemonade porch sitting and spending those long summer days with my three favorites! 

Aden was so not ready for pictures unless I was holding him or he was doing his own thing which totally stressed me out. But everyone was super friendly, helpful and totally understanding. I would hold his hands and run with him (one of his favorite things ever) which made for some pretty cute pictures. I think we did three or four outfit changes and I cannot get over his little dude baseball tee for their upcoming pre-Fall line! It is so soft, the colors are perfect and every little dude needs one! I would wear one :) it's that stinking amazing! 

Adie was freaking so funny when it was her turn, I literally was dying, she wasn't originally having pictures taken but they wanted to outfit her and take some when we were there with Aden. So we brushed her hair, changed her into her darling 4th of July outfit and convinced her to smile. She was super stiff with a cheesy smile that was cracking us all up! We finally got her to relax and laugh, then she owned it and then sometimes did her own thing which was the complete opposite of what they were asking her to do! She is so fun to watch, she is getting way too grown up and I cannot believe she will be four next month! We were at the conservatory for probably four hours getting kids to smile, fed Aden all of the blueberries, and got to really see how everything works behind our favorite children's clothing line! 

After we spent time with Peek Kids we got the best recommendations for lunch, the places we needed to see and were on our way. Our first stop was Tacolicious on Chestnut street! I ordered their spicy chicken tacos, guacamole/chips and a coke, and Adie ordered her usual quesadilla! She kept telling the waitress her drink (sprite) tasted like water. So I kept telling her we ordered her sprite until I tasted it and it was all carbonation! She was so right, it was so gross, so we ate more guacamole and chips to get rid of that awful aftertaste. Everyone was gobbling Aden up, he is such a flirt when he meets new people (unless you're at a Peek Kids photo-shoot ha ha), the waitresses kept talking to him, the busser kept tickling his feet and even the gal that came in and sat next to us while we were leaving was giggling at Aden's babble talk. I bought their book too, I had it here on my favorite finds post but it was sold out so I am so glad we went there! Cannot wait to try the lazy salsa!!! 

We then went to the Golden Gate Bridge and its literally breathtaking! It was super windy and after I convinced Adie to take a picture we crawled in the warm sand and Aden was loving every second of it. We drove across the bridge twice and looking back at our pictures, holy crap that's the longest bridge I've ever been on and it's a little bah-gigity! I could have spent all afternoon there, a little picnic and watching my little babies play would have been another perfect afternoon. But we drove through Alamo Square and headed back to the hotel, ate dinner on the bed and got barely enough sleep for our next photo-shoot in the morning at the Botanical Gardens.

Hope you guys are having the best weekend! -XO!

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