Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Favorite "Mommy" Things

With Mother's Day this weekend I thought it would be fun to talk about a few of my favorite "Mommy" things! As a Mommy life can be pretty crazy, messy and ahh-mazing! My little people are by far some of my favorite people, EVER! I am constantly telling Eric we have the best babies! Makes me want baby #three! ;) Yesterday we had the best afternoon, we played in the kiddie pool! For three hours we splashed, played with the hose, ate snacks and I watched Adie and Aden play together which really is the best thing ever! Aden still is a pool snob and the water was too cold, so he played with the hose and he crawled back and forth laughing at sister's dance moves. Adie tied herself up with the hose, synchronized swimming is her jam, and listening to her sing is my new favorite sound. 

Don't wait for happy to happen!

1.Pretty Happy | Healthy ways to love your body by Kate Hudson - I have started to read this book and I just stinking love Kate Hudson. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one of my favorite chick flicks of all time! She would be like the coolest friend, ever! You don't have to be perfect ... pretty happy is pretty great! This book is all about cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body, eating well, awakening your body, and the miracle of mindfulness! If you are anything like me this is a must read and the drawing boards are my favorite because I am such a visual person. 

2. Sunglasses -  They have become my favorite go to accessory and I will never have too many (Eric totally disagrees). But when you are freaking so tired, are wearing makeup from yesterday and you need to go to Target for diapers, you throw on a pair of your favorite sunglasses and spend 7 million dollars. You can see my new favorite pairs here :)

3. Nails - I have to have my nails and toes painted ... always! I cannot always get out of the house for an over due mani/pedi mini vacation so I do my own. I usually go for the pinks/reds but love to grab a blue or white to rock things up a bit! With summer and beach days ahead I've gotten pretty good at painting my own nails, I just need ten minutes to myself to paint them and let them dry. I tend to paint my nails while catching up on a favorite show ... in bed. My favorite color for summer is OPI Flamingo Tini Pink. Its worth the almost 10 dollars a bottle price, you get that in salon at home look and with this top coat it dries so fast so you can chase your little people around and no sheet marks! #WIN

4. EOS Lip Balm - I am more of a lipstick girl but when I am home living in my sweats playing with my little people #reallife chapstick is my BFF! I buy a hundred of these a month because Adie seems to think they are hers and then they disappear. I am always grabbing for it, after answering 500 Adie questions, my lips are dry and need a little EOS! I love the new green and yellow ones, so Spring like. I currently don't know where the lemon one is but the honeysuckle one is just as awesome. 

What are your favorite "mommy" things!? -XO!

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