Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday Tuesday guys! Mother's Day is JUST around the corner (eeek already this weekend) so I grabbed a few things that are always on my wish list and know any Mommy would love. I always think Moms need to be spoiled freaking rotten. We are doing the hardest jobs ever. EVER! In all honesty I just want a super cute picture with my babies and its always a nightmare trying to get one. So this year I am looking forward to a low key day spending time with my three favorites; probably making someone a snack, grabbing Aden half way up the stairs before he ends up at the bottom, and deciding if we want to watch another episode of Peppa Pig. Hashtag eye roll! Have any of you seen the new movie Mother's Day?! I kind of want to see it, by myself with a huge tub of popcorn! I wish my Ma and Sisters lived closer we could all go see it, I just watched the trailer on YouTube and laughed so hard, looks like a good Mommy flick! 

I can never decide (besides wanting everything) between if I want something for me, my kids or our home! I think with being a Stay At Home Mommy that I feel accomplished when my house is in order, my kids are styled and I have a new pair of sunglasses so I can hide the tired eyes and no make-up on our trips to Target! Pillows are my favorite in the house, pillow fights, pillow forts and the ultimate camp-out has a ton of them. So, don't you think that print belong in everyone's house! Because we are all gladiators and have it handled! Perfect print for an office or playroom along with the succulent plant that will never die :)
mermaid hair | sunnies | laced wedges | hobo bag | milk

Anything mermaid is a win in my fashion book! And since we will be living at the beach (hopefully) this summer the swim bag would be perfect to carry the wet swimsuits home! LOVE everything about those pink shades. If you follow Barefoot Blonde (I think everyone does) you've seen her wear them recently and I fell in love and cannot wait to get mine! Thank you Nordstrom! The season for wedges is already here in Southern California and these ones are my absolute favorite and would rock with skinny jeans, dresses and skirts! Any purse that can carry diapers, wipes and a few toys is a win in my book + all of my stuff! I have the driest skin right now and the milk mask would do wonders and maybe make it look like I haven't had a three year old karate kicking me in the middle of the night. :) 

What are your favorite gifts to give Mommies in your life!? -XO!

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