Friday, May 6, 2016

May Mood Board

So much going on this month! Happy Friday Guys! It is currently raining, thundering and Aden is talking instead of taking his nap. This morning we made it outside for a little playtime before we ate breakfast, the usual Cheerios and yogurt. I cannot get over my little people's cuteness. They laugh, play and drive each other crazy. A Mama's dream :) This month I have a ton of mixed emotions, Aden is turning one, that alone has me in tears, jumping for joy and wishing time would just stand still, for a little bit longer. A year goes by so quickly and it seems like the baby stage is forever over until I watch Adie sometimes and remember they are both still my little baby bugs! 

I'm always thinking about the beach and the days we will spend building sand castles, running away from the waves and walking to our favorite lunch spot for tequitos and strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. Eric has been talking about getting a new car this summer (long over due for a family car) and I seriously am swooning over the design of the new VW BUS! Its not available until next year but oh my heck, I am pretty sure that car bus was made for me. :) I can see many trips to the beach, family vacations and just having room to dance when we head to Target with the windows down and the music up! 

Cutting this short since it is almost impossible to type this with Aden grabbing my laptop! #momlife 

We are headed to SAN FRANCISCO Monday and I am so freaking excited and have so much to do still ... so Happy Weekend and follow us @adieandaden on Instagram to see more! -XO!

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