Monday, May 9, 2016

Mama and Her Weekend

 Hope you guys had the best Mother's Day weekend! We were late to church (as usual), ate at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, got the best little hugs and kisses, and my sister came to visit with her two little people! My heart was so full of love and I almost ugly cried reading Adie's card. She wrote all of our names in it and I literally want to frame it. This year was extra special since I have two little people wrapping their arms around me calling me Mommy. 

So many generous compliments while we were out of the house, one lady stopped and told me our family looked so beautiful and Happy Mother's Day! Another said how pretty our family was and asked if were having family pictures. :) ha ha Ate my usual at lunch, watched Adie act like a big girl, ordering her quesadilla and sprite. She insisted on buttering my bread, telling me her adventurous stories and telling me she loves me. Aden was obsessed with everything, being out of his car-seat, sitting at the table, the silverware, napkins, drinks, french fries, you name it! He is so stinking fun right now (I just love this age). 

We made it to San Francisco today (with my sister and her babies) and cannot wait for today! So excited to share with you why we are here! Follow us on Instagram (@adieandaden) too see a crap load of pictures! -XO!

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