Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Weekend with a Baby!

So much has been going through my mind as this was the last weekend we will have a baby in the house! Aden turns one in five days and we are getting party ready at our house. I love parties and would definitely throw one once a week!!! His birthday party theme is smiley face thanks to his big sister :) and it is turning out so stinking darling! I didn't find really anything on Pinterest (shocked) unless I wanted emoji kiss face, etc. So I cannot wait to share with you guys and hopefully you get a little inspired or heck, smile!!! SO EXCITED!!!

1. I will not miss goopy baby food that Aden always seems to smack out of my hands or sneezes right as I am about to shovel a spoonful of strawberry yogurt into his cute little mouth! He has been off of baby food for about a week now and he is never looking back! A few of his favorites are grapes, strawberries, guacamole, shredded chicken and he loves drinking out of his sippy cup and it's my freaking favorite thing ever. #cheers

2. I won't miss the unsolicited baby advice. Every parent does things differently, and for a good reason. Being told things about my parenting is always hard to hear but you manage to still kiss your babies and think they are the best things ever. 

3. I cannot be more excited that the spit-up/throw-up sage is over! It's literally the worst, neither of you can wear anything nice. Aden totally threw-up in Anthropologie and I almost died, there it was sitting on the floor where everyone shops, the worst. You have to change them a hundred times a day and the smell, I can't even go there!

4. I will MISS though, the late night snuggles, rocking them in the rocking chair while they grab at your face, their little itty bitty clothes and the little cooing sounds they make! Aden is gaga and goo goo right now, I swear he says HI :) I will miss that amazing baby smell, I remember asking the nurse before I was discharged if I could have the lotion she used on Aden because he smelled like, you know!, to die for and she told me it's just him! 

Cannot wait to celebrate this weekend, and until then I am holding on to my baby a little tighter this week!

Happy Monday Friends! -XO!

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