Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Aden!

Happiest Birthday Wishes to my little BOY! We had is party yesterday and celebrated with cake, guacamole, and family! Opened presents, took pictures and played are a few of my favorite moments. I could celebrate him every single day!

Some things I love about Aden ...

How he says Mama Mama and crawls to me, stops at my feet and holds up his arms
His crawl is more of a run/crawl and its the cutest
The fact that he already knows how to make car sounds
He lets Adie drag him around
He laughs with a few snorts when he gets excited or thinks its really funny
You are so laid back
Dinosaurs, cars and guacamole are a few of your favorite things
You laugh at anything Adie does
You are the biggest button pusher I know
You still snuggle me even if it's for less than 2 seconds
You grab your blankets and snuggle them
You eat everything in front of you and when you are done you squish it between your hands
Your high fives and hello waves are the best
Your dance moves make me laugh and cheer you on
Everything about you, I love

I could go on and on ... and on but I won't. I love the fact that I have a little boy too, that I will always be surprised, and full of laughter! You by far are one of my favorites and I cannot even remember life without you!

Happy Birthday Aden, Daddy, Mommy and Adie love you like crazy! -XO!

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