Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aden's First Birthday Party!

Saturday we had Aden's party and besides the orange cake everything turned out just about perfect! I went with a black and white with yellow theme for smiley faces and it's the stinking cutest. I wanted to have a little something for us to eat so we picked a few of Aden's favorite things and the guacamole is a must! You can get the recipe here and dip! :) So we grabbed a few things, hung a few more things and it is still up in our kitchen because I don't want to take it down, its too fun! Right now I have a jar of cookies out instead of fruit and chips ... the perfect little spot to be cute for every day. Which the fireplace needs a little DIY but when you rent you hesitate (it literally is driving me crazy) to improve but I know I can make it super cute ... so stay tuned! Thanks Lynnie and Ma for making the salsa and guacamole, I need to do everything the night before, but when family is in town all we want to do is play games and go out to eat! 

I made little when you're 25 I hope you're still smiling because ... for everyone to fill out! I made some for Adie's first birthday party too and it'll feel like next month that I will be giving it to my little babies! Sewed garlands, rolled felt balls and strung them over the table and the mantle. Now I literally want garland EVERYWHERE! I want to put some in Adie's room and make some for her birthday in a few weeks. Being this is the first time I have ordered a cake in California I can forgive the orange cake and if anyone knows where to get cakes/cupcakes in Southern California please let me know!!! :) I got this one cake topper and think it's the cutest, and want to put it on every cake this year. Which just might make an appearance on Adie's cake ... of course FOUR will be the top of a yummy cake! 

My Dad printed some pictures for me and I cried Mommy tears when I saw them. Aden has changed so much this past year and has really always been the stinking cutest. We hung one above the table, and on the wall with all of the food, but my favorite is the collage. I wanted a place where everyone could take a picture with Aden and it doesn't get much cuter than in front of a bunch of Aden's pictures. And it is really going to be hard to take down pictures of my little sweet guy, so for now, it's still in our living room! We did simple decor and food because we went all out for his gift. I have been drooling over this tee-pee from his birthday list (you can see here) and it is even cuter in person and even more so in his room. Adie got him the cutest hat, book and dinosaur that he'll play with for years to come. Everyone spoiled him, he loves pushing toys and the xylophone has become his favorite, he lights up when we play music. 

And I cannot even begin to tell you how stinking cute his little lion rocker is. Right now I like it more than he does, but I know he will come to love it. You can see other charming baby gifts here but the lion is definitely a must and looks cute in his room too with the tee-pee. Aden ate grapes, a little bit of cake, played with balloons and got spoiled rotten by family! We ended Aden's little party with pizza from Eric's favorite place, played games and it's so fun to have family come to visit. Makes me miss Utah, but then the beach and palm trees remind me I freaking LOVE California. 

Celebrating my little guy has been the best and watching him laugh play and discover is the best. I love being his Mommy! We love you Aden so much and cannot get enough of you!

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