Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Weekend in Arizona

It feels good to disconnect a little and spend time with family! We have been driving all over to hang out with a few of our favorites! After Utah for Easter weekend I took the little people to Arizona to surprise my Dad for his 60th birthday and it was so fun! Packed a few of our favorite travel essentials, that sun bum smells amazing!!! The drive down was six hours of Adele saying hello and Justin Bieber telling us he's sorry! But with one stop in Blythe to get gas and a little something to eat we made it to sunny Arizona in time to grab some Chick-fil-A and hang out with Aunt Kristal. We ate at one of my favorite places for dinner, La Parilla Suiza and their melty gooey cheese and tortilla appetizer is to die for! And as always I ate my weight in chips and salsa. Trying to take a picture after waking up a three (almost four) year old is a complete nightmare and the pictures are the proof. When we were taking group pictures there was always someone crying so we all pretended to cry and they are my favorite pictures from the trip because it is real life. Hashtag mom life!

We stayed up late playing Settlers of Catan (my new favorite game) and now want to host game night every week! How fun would that be, kids playing and the parents getting a little competitive, it totally does that to you! Headed to Sierra Vista for a indoor pool/kid splash time and Aden loved and Adie was a pro in the water like she always is. Aden was totally mesmerized lying on his back and splashing his hands in the water and he's getting so big and so stinking cute! I cannot wait to celebrate him the end of May, he brings me so much joy that I never knew a little boy could! Another late night of Catan and it is addicting to play and I will be picking it up at Target this week and hopefully you can play with two players because I am making Eric play! Ha! 

Our last day there my Dad took the day off and we went to Sabino Canyon! I always love going and getting a view of the mountains, cactus and we can't resist the water! How do kids not think the water is cold?! It was freezing! Adie is a total outdoor nut, she loves throwing the rocks in the water and a little anxiety when they almost hit someone. We took the trolley up and played a bit before all kids ended up in the water we started our way back down and right now all kids are tired so we caught the trolley back down. And our little ham ate a rock (he didn't swallow it) and he couldn't keep them out of his mouth ... boys! We went to visit my papa and Grams and it's been too long, they are the best ever! Aden met them for the first time and he was a charmer for sure! Little ham! My Papa has a rocking chair that belonged to his Father when he was little and the story he told was; it cost two dollars, his (great grandpa) Mom put in a dollar and his Aunt put in the other dollar so he could have a rocking chair and its now over 100 years old! Best story ever. It was so good to be home to laugh a little and take minute down memory lane! My Grams is so little and full of fun, I always remember having the best time when we would visit, we even would beg our parents to stay another night! The trips always go so fast but it such a fun time to be back home and now that we live a little closer we are excited to spend more time playing games, laughing and eating good food! :) Yay!

Happy Tuesday (feels like a Monday) and I am actually making dinner, trying a new recipe from Pinterest!  - XO!

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