Monday, April 18, 2016

New Arrivals for Her

Monday! I am so happy it is almost over. Today we woke up to an entire ant colony in our kitchen, finished our taxes and missed our day at the beach, and our community pool is closed until May first. The weekend was easy going, we found our new Mexican food drive thru, I took a nap (best ever) and my two little people are the best ever. Adie is still dancing every chance she gets, sneaking fruit snacks and tiptoeing into our bed in the middle of the night. Aden hauls ass everywhere, eats a pound of pasta now for dinner, everything is thrown on the floor (the plant is his favorite) and he  thinks his sister is the best thing ever.

I always love when the weather changes, new arrivals in our favorite stores, and a good book (that I buy but never read). Adie told me last week that is was Dinosaur Happy's (her baby doll) birthday on the 23rd and she is so stinking excited to celebrate! So we are in birthday prep over at our house. I plan on having a few cupcakes, strawberry lemonade and of course presents. She told me her baby needs new clothes, a pillow, jewelry and a party. Today the mailman dropped off a package and it's  a gift for Dinosaur Happy from Adie's Grandma KK ... it's that serious! We have a fun few things coming up and a party is just one of them. :)

I am loving all of the Spring/Summer colors! It makes me so happy that we live in sunny California and I always tell Eric how much I love our neighborhood and little town! It's so fun and there is still so much to see and explore! Adie gets a killer tan in the summer just like her Daddy so I love grabbing bright pieces to add to her wardrobe! So that dress is a must! I love how J.Crew has the best necklaces and this little turtle one will be a for sure favorite! It is very much pool/beach weather in Southern California and we have been looking for swimsuits and cannot wait to hit the beach! Watermelons are one of the best things that has happened to fashion, it screams summertime! 

Adie starts preschool soon and the little ice cream backpack is too cute to pass up. Perfect for her coloring and fruit snacks. Those pink sparkly sandals are must have for Adie, super easy slide them on and we are out the door or in the backyard blowing bubbles. :) Charlie Cocos (one of our favorite bow shops) has her new summer collection up and we are swooning big time! Can it just be Spring and Summer all of the time?
Hope you guys are doing something fun ... we are still on ant patrol and I finally put away all of the laundry! -XO!

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