Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kiddie Pool

Today we have been nonstop doing laundry, making snacks, cleaning up messes and listening to the best belly laughs (those are my favorite). Last weekend I bought my little people a kiddie pool since we can't camp out on the beach and it's the funnest thing ever! She literally was like a synchronized swimmer in a foot of water. Nothing is funnier right now than watching Adie carry Aden, seriously I die every time! At first she was a little nervous and said he was heavy, now its her favorite thing to do. She giggles and laughs the whole time and Aden is pretty chill and on the one (or two) occasions he gets completely pissed. Made Adie a fun Shirely Temple drink with a twist and will post the recipe because its so dang good and especially with summer coming up it'll be your new go to for those sweet babies of yours! I want Adie and Aden to remember summer that way! Pools and Shirley Temples! 

Starting to get some of Aden's birthday stuff together and I am so excited to celebrate him and Mama tears and heart bursts and I am ok ... it's going to be SO cute! He crawls/run or run/crawls however you look at it, he is fast and you can hear him coming down the hall and it's the cutest ever. He is climbing up on everything (the stairs are his favorite), loves Adie's chair and laughs when he pushes her out. He is obsessed with making things move, figuring out how it all works and if it has wheels he's gone. Such a fun stage, I love this age!!! My favorite is when he sees you he lights up and comes crawling to you! Mid crawl he will lay flat on his belly and look for something under the fridge, the sofa, his crib and it's so funny to watch! He loved lying on his belly in the sand when we were at the beach!

Adie finally caught (I did, and I was a little scared) her baby preymantis and didn't want to let him go. So last night her and Eric set him free so he could eat and see his Mommy. She wanted to keep it for forever and I would have been a hot mess with that thing in the house! Adie has been like the best kid ever, seriously ever! She makes her bed (my OCD self goes crazy), she  helps with everything and says, "Here Momma, let me help you!" #momwin She plays with Aden so cute, and tells me she loves me like 500 times a day and each time it's my favorite! Being a Mom is freaking hard and freaking awesome!

Happy Hump Day! Hope you guys are having a fun week so far! -XO!

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