Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This is one of my favorite days of the year! I get to teach Adie (and Aden) to give a little back to Mother Nature! Every year we always plant something and this year we planted succulents! Succulents are my favorite, they don't die!!! And they are tropical/cactus like which is perfect for our style. Eric loves cactus and I love palm trees! :) Today it was sunny weather, we grabbed donuts from our favorite place (got another free one #score), spent another 7 million dollars at Target (Eric is ready to kill me), planted plants, looked for bugs, and splashed in our new kiddie pool! Such a fun day!

Last year (you can see here) Adie wore the same shirt, I love that it still fits! One of my favorite things about Peek Kids! The quality of their stuff is amazing, soft and has been washed a billion times, still looks NEW! Worth every penny and they are always having sales which is a total favorite of mine too! I gave a few ideas to celebrate Earth Day with your little people. Adie's first Earth Day and first killer Peek Kids outfit you can see here ... she was literally so chubby! SO CHUBBY!

I love finding fun toys that are safe for my babies and these ones are stinking so cute! Aden is obsessed with pushing cars/trucks around, its literally the cutest thing ever. The Honest collection is a new favorite, I put some in Aden's Easter basket and we are hooked! That little cactus wooden game is so fun, its kind of like jenga and who wouldn't want that hamburger! Something Adie could cook in her kitchen and serve to little brother. He loves playing in her kitchen, opens all of the doors, pulls everything out and pushes all the knobs. Adie always tells me, "Ma! Aden is making a mess!" I always tell her it's always something we can clean up, I don't want her to not have fun because she is so worried about a mess! 

This little old lady was Adie's biggest fan at Home Depot! She just kept talking to her and lovin' on her! She was saying how cute Aden was and I told the lady Adie's name,which then she tells the sweet lady that they are different and she cracked up! She thought Adie was the funniest bestest kid ever! I love running into super nice people! At the donut shop we got spoiled, a free donut (again) and she always gives us a little sample! Dream come true, every week! :) Adie is so obsessed with finding bugs now and she doesn't have the patience to look for them. We looked all over for anything she could put in there and all we came up with is a fly and ants! I am so over ants since they were everywhere in our kitchen last week!

Aden is a pool snob! He is so funny! Adie loved picking him up and putting him in the pool. I think he needs the water like bath water and absolutely no splashing (unless he's doing it)! He loved crawling all over the backyard, picking up everything on his laps around Adie, and the hose was his new best friend! So now we have some plants in the house and keeping them away from Aden is the tricky part! Now that he throws everything on the floor I have cleaned spilled plants up a dozen times and he thinks its hilarious! He is a little stinker and we love his guts. I got his little cake topper in the mail this week and it's making my Mommy heart ache a little that he will be one already and how fast the time goes. Thankful for every minute and second with my little people even on days I want to runaway from home .. to the spa! :)

Happy Weekend too! We are going to the beach tomorrow since the ants are gone, taxes are done and yay! -XO!

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