Thursday, April 7, 2016

Favorite Finds + Rainy Days

This week went by so fast and it seems just like yesterday we were at Universal Studios eating candy, taking pictures and hanging on for dear life on the Jurassic Park ride! (it was way fun) We have been slowly, very slowly getting back into our routine and unpacking after our trips to Utah and Arizona! I think all of our suitcases have been half unpacked and I do not want to do laundry! Today the weather was cloudy (with a chance of meatballs) and rainy on and off so we decided to blow up our giant ass flamingo and pretend it was summer! Adie instantly became obsessed and I was the minute it arrived on our doorstep, actually more like the first time I saw them online forever ago! This flamingo is so stinking fun and cannot wait to get it in the pool. Adie played on it all afternoon, named it Jack, ate snacks on it and even tried dragging him upstairs. My Woven Pear watermelon babies socks came in the mail today and Adie insisted they were for her and wanted to wear them so what the heck, you are only three and half once, am I right?! 

It's been forever since we've done a favorite finds and everything usually is a favorite when I find it! :) #seriously But I have been seeing those letter boards pop up everywhere and with everyone and I want one! I already know where I would hang it, right before you walk into our kitchen from the dining room. I would put our menu (or restaurant suggestions) up, love notes to Eric and little reminders of why I love my little people so much! Its funny how something so old school is so popular now. I can never pass up a fun pair of sunglasses. Since I bought my Toms pair you find here I want every pair and these ones from Karen Walker have been on my favorite list for awhile now! When we were in Utah we went to our favorite Mexican place and ate the crap out of tacos. Their taco bar is so delicious and the spicy chipotle chicken are my favorite. When I saw the tacolicious book I knew Tuesdays were going to look a lot more fun. 

I love parties and I love celebrating my three favorites! I am working on Aden's birthday invitations and can't wait to share with you guys how they turned out. Lauren Conrad's new Celebrate book is a must and I cannot wait to Celebrate all summer long! I think once a week we should throw a party! Its all worth celebrating, making it through the never ending diaper changes, three year old meltdowns over not eating candy for breakfast ... and lunch, dinner too! And cheers to all you Mommies killing it day in and day out! I'll bring the confetti! :) 

Happy almost Friday! -XO!

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