Friday, April 15, 2016

Central Park in California

We took the little people to Central Park today and its my new favorite park and two hours there wasn't enough time! The weather was perfect, the birds were singing to Adie (that's what I always tell her) and Aden was the cutest boy in the grass. Everywhere we go I usually get asked who dresses Adie. It's either a major compliment or they think Adie dressed her self and that explains everything! :) Today before we went to the park we grabbed donuts from our new favorite spot (she gave us a free donut for being our first time there) #WIN and the lady asked that very question! I love Adie's style or mine or whatever ... it just fits her personality perfectly. I think that's why I dress her the way I do because she totally owns it. Don't get me wrong as of lately she just wants to hang out in her tees and panties. Her pants are the first thing to come off after she kicks her shoes off at the door! Or like today she didn't want to wear this dress but I just knew she would love to twirl in it and she wants to wear it tomorrow! 

A few  fun things coming to the blog, fashion, interior style and of course food, a few DIY projects and we can't wait to share it with you! So I thought today I would give you a sneak peak of a little fashion for your little dancing but still wants to save the world girls! This dress instantly was a favorite from the minute I opened our package, it is so soft and light weight, perfect for an active almost four year old. The styles are unique, so I had to grab her boots to go with her little kitty socks. A bright bow makes the outfit perfect for a morning at the park with donuts! My babe of a friend Jenny has a cute little boutique (online, my favorite) with LuLaRoe, it's simply comfortable. The Dotdotsmile Lucy dress (Adie's wearing) features a full circle skirt perfect for twirling and they will not want to wear anything else. 

Happy Weekend Friends! -XO!

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