Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Aden's Birthday Wish List

Birthdays are my jam and I love to celebrate my little people! Aden's birthday is in 45 days. 4 hours. 50 minutes. and one second until our little Aden turns one! I cannot believe how fast this last year has gone and so much has happened! I have been gathering pictures for Aden's baby book (which I still need to finish Adie's) and Mommy tears, I cannot believe my little boy is going to be one, already! No one ever prepared me for the amount of love I would have for him and I want ten more just like him :) and a few more Adie's! 

The cutest baby book I got for Aden has so many fun moments and will be the cutest book once it's complete! I love all of the milestones, the first bath has me all heart eye emojis! I literally could stare at it for hours and it brings those happy tears and for a moment he's brand new again. So many pages and the memories will be forever kept for my little baby Aden. Reading Celebrate has me so excited for birthdays and parties in general! Aden's will be simple but so special and Adie's is going to be a complete blast! Working on a lot of fun things so stay tuned in ... eeek!

For his birthday I want to keep things simple and have one fun awesome gift! I am in love with the tee pee from Land of Nod and it comes (you have to pay for it ha) a cushion for those lazy afternoons reading stories, playing cowboys and Indians or playing with Adie. I think it will look so cute in his room or when we finish the 'playroom/loft" they can play for hours! This little campfire would be stinking so fun too! Aden is so curious about everything and loves cars. He is in destruction mode all of the time, he uses his fork to smash his little puffs and thinks its hilarious! The rocket would be so fun for him to play with and add a little decor to his room!

He is so into books right now (you can see here) and I found two stinking cute books which are so Aden friendly! I already bought him a nook and a hat for his birthday and we will need to find something for his sister to give him! Since Aden is obsessed with smashing things the pounding bench is perfect! Super kid friendly and a total heirloom that you can keep and hand down! Now that Aden is on the fast track to never wanting to eat baby food anymore, I found the best ever sippy cup and it would go perfect with these and this placemat and this one too! Perfect for his new favorite, strawberries just like his sister.


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