Saturday, March 26, 2016

Summer Ready : Adie's Room

I always love new fresh sheets and fun ones make making the bed more fun especially with little people! One of Adie's jobs is to make her bed and we all know how that goes with a three (almost four) year old. But I found these fun flamingo sheets at Target (where else) and Adie is so into flamingos right now so it was time to make her room a little more like summer! Of course we had to bring the stuffed flamingo home too which Adie named Perfume! After we changed her sheets we had snack time sleep party style and I listened to her stories and everything she wants for her birthday! You can see more of Target's Pillowfort collection we love here and become obsessed just like we are! :) 

Today I dragged Eric to Pottery Barn Kids if you follow us on Instagram (adieandaden) you already know and picked up a few last minute things for their Easter baskets. Adie kept telling me what she wants to add to her birthday lists and it's the cutest thing ever! Found out that Aden's Easter outfit (see it here) was forwarded to California (I shipped to Utah) which is a long story from when we moved but now I have to figure something else out and it makes my planning ahead self freaking crazy! But I am so excited to spend the day with my three favorites and family! We are having an egg hunt, lots of food and church to remember the true reason #heisrisen we celebrate!  

Happy Easter Weekend! -XO!

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