Thursday, March 10, 2016

Style According to Adie

The weather is too good to be inside so we've been getting sun-kissed and it feels good. I cannot get enough of this little girl lately (well like always) but she is so stinking fun! I swear this is the best stage ever ... today she told me she doesn't want to get older. #metoo We spent most of the morning/afternoon outside and at Target :) I want everything but found the cutest dollar bin magnet! Picked up some cute sheets for Adie that I cannot wait to change, the cutest dress and sweats for her. A basket from the Pillowfort collection that we'll keep all of her comfies in (pillows, blankets and stuffed animals) and she insists having it right next to her bed. Tomorrow we have big plans since its supposed to rain all day. Chick-fil-A and cupcakes and our church is having movie night for the kids ... so fun! 

I thought I would do a series of Adie's fashion and it literally is perfect! I asked her what her favorite things were to wear are, jewelry and then skirts! Accessories! I love that she is all about bows, necklaces, rings (she has the best rings) purses and even sunglasses. The minute music comes on she is dancing, in the car, movies or she grabs my phone and plays Taylor Swift's Bad Blood! One of her favorite things to do is twirl her skirt and she can shake shake shake ... shake it off! 

Day: This outfit is perfect since during the day she is crazy active! The park, Target, outside adventures and inside she's a jungle gym monkey! I love that elephant tee and even better since its a tee with a good cause! It's darling and simple ... paired with that stinking cute little tulle skirt, I am dying! I love her funky, put whatever together style! That's why those shoes are perfect for this outfit especially for a girl's date for lunch, most likely Chick-fil-A! I don't think any girl could have too many sunglasses and J.Crew always has the best selections! I am loving the little necklace and just know she would get a kick out of it!

Night: Being in California I think this outfit is the best for a fun dinner at a super fun restaurant by the beach! I can see Adie rocking this outfit and I just need $500 dollars for my shopping cart ... it's all just sitting there, haunting me! LOVE everything about he dress and the ruffle cap sleeves, to die for! Adie loves her purses and will put everything in them and insists on bringing it wherever she goes. Watermelon is perfect for Summer and the sparkles are perfect for her. Sneakers are the cutest I think with dresses and these bright fun colors are perfect for the simple white dress. Socks are a must and they might as well be fun funky ones. I totally just wish Woven Pear made socks for little people! And that hat completes the entire outfit. Two little pigtails and we are ready for a dinner date with Daddy and Aden!

day // necklace | sunglasses | tee | skirt | ballet flats - night // dress | hat | bag | socks | sneakers
Right now her favorite thing is to wear two bows and I think she totally rocks it and because she doesn't want me to do her hair. She will still be in her pajamas, goes in her bathroom, climbs up on her stool and grabs a couple of bows and brings them to me to put in her hair ... all before breakfast! Priorities! When she wears her rings, it's usually one for every little finger that I am completely wrapped around. Lately she has been telling me she wants to wear a shirt when I try and dress her in a dress and it cracks me up! I cannot have her grow up! I cannot believe she will be four this summer ... can I start crying now. My baby boy turns one and then my sweet little girl turns four! UGH!

This summer is going to be so fun! Disneyland is a must, I told Eric we need to drive to LA and grab lunch and take lots of fun pictures in front of the walls that spark our interest! We have been planning where to have birthday parties, Fourth of July and vacations which has me needing a suntan and some gym time. I found the perfect gym now I just need to go. No excuses. Anyone have any tips on just doing it and staying motivated?! Vacation at a fun beach should be motivation enough, maybe I need a workout buddy, which Adie rocks at Yoga!

Happy Friday Eve! -XO!

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