Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Style Wishlist

Spring is almost here (already here in Southern California) and I cannot wait for all of the skirts, sandals, wedges and floral dresses. Little flower buds are popping up everywhere and it literally is my favorite. Flowers make any day better until your three and half year old has a meltdown outside of Trader Joe's ... I just have to remember she is still little and I love her like crazy. We did make it home with flowers and a few tears. And I am watching Fuller House and Jesse sent Rebecca a room full of roses ... have mercy! What do you think about the show?! I can't turn it off.

 I did what every girl does and online shopped, put a few things in my shopping cart and looked for fun bright Spring/Summer must haves. Wedges are my staple piece for warmer weather, one reason pedicures and two, they go with everything. On a side note Adie just walked in and asked why I sneaked out of our room? She's telling me when she grows up she wants to blog, get out of bed and watch movies and I am laughing! Is it bad I am not making her go back to bed?! She's the sweetest/funniest little girl and I forgot all about her sassy afternoon! This is going to make for a fun night/morning! At least tomorrow is cupcakes at the park and I'll need two (dozen) and a really good workout which really just means a Dr. Pepper and chasing Aden.

Big bags, sunglasses and simple tees are exactly what this Spring and Summer will look like ... at the beach. I cannot wait, also I have been doing some Google searching on what to do in Southern California and Palm Springs seems to be the place right now. Palm Canyon Trail looks so fun and super little people friendly! Not to mention the palm trees are my favorite so we have to go. I love anything bright and fun even a little different. I found these earrings (these too) and think they are perfect for Spring and I know Adie will get a kick out of them. I am dying over those yellow wedges and will be perfect with dresses and a pair of white skinny jeans and that hat! I need a new bag like really bad and I love this one, the color, size and the fact that it'll be new! :) Happy Shopping!

Live by the sun love by the moon! -XO!


  1. Love all the items on your spring wishlist! :)

    Xo Raina

  2. Love all the items on your spring wishlist! :)

    Xo Raina