Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Palm Springs + California Bucket List

We went to Palm Springs yesterday with the little people and it was so stunning! California was definitely showing off for us. I have loved palm trees for as long as I can remember and I could literally live there like the Croods. It took us an hour to drive, stopped at Chick-fil-A and we were driving through colorful Palm Springs! Eric and I talked about going back without kids so we can hike further in the desert ... mini vacation for sure! Growing up in Arizona I never really took advantage of the desert (its too hot) and have always been a beach girl. That's why I love California, the beach, desert and mountains a car trip away! When we hiked down to the palm trees it was breathtaking and instantly took 54604605 pictures and spent some time eating grapes, goldfish and taking pictures of Dinosaur Happy (Adie's baby). She kept telling her to say cheese and every new area we were she had to have pictures with her. Dinosaur Happy is part of the family so ... we took pictures. Which I am going to frame that one of her sitting on the little stump and put it in her room, she will die! 

California Bucket List

1. Hollywood || Eric talks about how he loves LA/Hollywood and I cannot wait to go. Shop, eat and take pictures of the stars on the walk. 
2. Disneyland || Adie has been talking about seeing the Princess' Castle and I cannot wait to take her and her mind will be blown. She will LOVE every minute and I cannot wait to capture her happiness.
3. San Francisco || bridges, streets, colorful houses and I can only imagine the food :)
4. Los Angeles || I told Eric I wanted to drive through LA and find all of the fun walls and take pictures and eat good food.
5. Big Sur State Park || The beach and the rocks are beautiful and cannot wait to go. Living in California is so fun!
6. Sequoia National Park || All I want to do is drive through the giant tree :) it looks so fun! The pictures would be stunning!
7. Redwood National Park || Ummmm ... the pictures alone are enough to want to visit. It is Mother Nature showing off!
8. San Diego Zoo || I have been here, my two little favorites would love it. And it would be a fun day trip to see a few of our favorite animals.
9. Muir Woods || The stairs through the woods would be one workout I could handle ha! 
10. Bubblegum Alley || I can see Adie chewing (trying) gum and adding her ball of bubblelicious to the wall ... something fun to get you out of the house!
11. Santa Cruz (boardwalk) || I love how colorful Santa Cruz is and I can only imagine the laughter I would here taking Adie and Aden.
12. Fossil Falls || Have you seen pictures? I hope you can swim and I would take the GoPro and be adventurous.
13. Route 66 || rent a convertible and see where the route takes us! I can she see Adie and Aden laughing with the wind in their hair listening to Tay Swift (that's how Adie says it).
14. Point Lobos State Reserve in Monterey || This cave looks amazing and might have to be a mini vacation with just me and Eric ;) 
15. Beaches || I just want to spend all of our time at the beach, traveling the beaches sounds like a dream!
16. Lake Tahoe || This lake looks incredible and I cannot wait to experience it with my three favorites.
17. Malibu || We have to see where Barbie lives ;)
18. Sonoma Canopy Tour || looks a little scary but amazing at the same time and I would love to conquer fears and what a blast!
19. Pacific Coast Highway || all you need is a good playlist and a convertible.
20. Moss Beach || the tide pools will be so fun to see what sea creatures show up!

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