Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

You guys, Easter was so early this year and traveling made for a busy March! This trip was super fun, Adie was a flower girl in Aunt Trina's wedding, it was Aden's first Easter :) and we got to hang out with family ... and eat really good Mexican food! Adie has gotten the hang of packing her seat in the car, pretty much her entire room is in the back seat. The drive down to Utah was quick and the weather was in our favor (the last few trips we drove in snow) and the little people were the best travelers. You can see some of our tips and tricks here

We went to the best place for tacos, Adie danced and Aden tried to grab everything off the table. El Pausa has the best taco bar ... you can keep going back, for more! I love the chipotle chicken so I had four! Yum! I wanted to go to Pottery Barn Kids since I haven't been in forever, since moving, and picked up a couple things for their Easter baskets. Snapped a few pictures along the way and Adie is getting more fun with the camera, most of the time, usually she tells me only one picture!

Adie was the flower girl in her Aunt Trina's wedding and we have been practicing to make sure she didn't baseball throw the pedals. But she did have a minute of being a three year old getting ready and I was worried. But both Eric and I cried watching her walk down the aisle being so sweet, smiling with the sweetest grin and it was like she was sixteen. I cannot believe she will be four in a few months! I ordered her flower crown the day before and they did such a beautiful job and by the end of the night I was wearing it because Adie was out of her dress and anything to do with wedding. I bought her some lipstick (and me) from MAC and we went pink since those were the colors and we loved it, Eric not so much! Aden was such a stud and they both fell asleep for a couple hours which made for a fun night getting the kids to bed. Adie insisted on signing the guest book, which I loved, she spells her name ADEI and it cracks me up! She does spell it right most of the time, but the way she writes Mom, Dad and Aden is seriously the sweetest thing ever. 

Easter was a blast, a little crazy busy but fun! I didn't get enough pictures and only a few family pictures were taken and well I posted the best one :) ha! We went to church to remember the real reason we celebrate, came home and went through Easter baskets and did an Easter egg hunt. Adie this year was killing me and Aden was super cute. She would keep saying, "I see something hot pink!" or "Psst!" and point at the egg she sees. She's so funny and even let Aden find a few. I bought Adie a new dress for Easter and knew she would just love it. It twirls like crazy and since she dances all of the time I knew it was perfect. After getting her ready for church I told her to spin around and she giggled the entire time and then ran and gave me the biggest hug ever. Being a Mom is the best thing ever!!! EVER! I love this dress with her boots and crazy socks and I only need a matching outfit! Adie filled her basket and even Aden's so her piggy bank is now full and we have candy to last us until Halloween! I made this pasta and we ate it with steak, chicken and fruit. One of the best Easter dinners and it was so fun being with family and planning our family trip next year! Yay for vacations!!! After dinner we Face Timed my family as we were heading to Eric's Ma's house for more dinner, egg dying and more hunting eggs! It was fun to  see Adie with her cousins (visiting from Louisiana) and nothing is better than a room filled with laughter.  

Hope you guys had the best Easter weekend ... we did and now I am doing loads and loads of laundry! -XO!

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