Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Style + Ice Cream Cones

This weekend went by so fast like they always do. Literally Spring cleaned Saturday since our landlord was coming to meet us Saturday night which makes for an easy Sunday/Monday! Sunday I taught Adie's primary class and how do people survive with more than two kids?! Monday felt like the longest day and I'm not sure if it's because I am still trying to recover from Daylight Savings. Which I saw this saying on @lot801 Instagram ... daylight savings time proudly giving parents the middle finger since... forever! I almost peed myself because it's so true, just when you've mastered nap time and bedtime routines then shotgun! But we are excited for more light so we can spend it outside riding bikes, eating ice cream and getting those belly laughs to come out! We have been on an ice cream cone kick lately it's just the right amount of ice cream to change a three year old's boredom tantrum. 

Easter is early this year and I am so excited, Aden's first Easter and Adie just gets more fun every year and I cannot wait! I still need to grab a few things for their Easter baskets (you can see what here and even more ice cream cones) and I am sure another Target run just because. The weather has been too good and we are trying to soak it up and am dying to get back to the beach.

For Easter I want to be a little more casual when my little people hunt for eggs. And I think these outfits will make the stinking cutest pictures. We are going to Salt Lake and I am so excited, we leave next week for Aunt Trina's wedding and Adie is the flower girl and I am so nervous! So we will be practicing every day until the big day. I found this dress on Instagram and fell in love because Adie is obsessed with dancing and she loves to twirl so this is perfect. If you follow us you know how we have to have bows! And she is rocking two at a time now which I love so two for Easter ... a must! I cannot get over the rompers from Rags to Raches, so comfortable and paired with that elephant knot hat, I am dying! I ordered that dress last night and this morning I received an email saying it was already shipped, I LOVE THAT! Cannot wait for her to wear it! Ordering the rest of their style today and will make sure my (both) cameras are charged and ready to take a billion pictures. I love the idea of changing into something a little more comfy but still stylish after church for a fun Easter egg hunt and dinner!

Adie has been riding her bike a lot lately and she is incredibly fast and the things she keeps in her basket is my favorite! Her baby, jackets, jewelry, and even snacks! She likes to go fast and slam the breaks so she skids, she's fallen a few times but survived! It gives me complete anxiety when she rides in a circle but just goes faster and faster and I am freaking out that she'll fall but I guess that's part of being three!

Happy Monday! -XO!

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