Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Easter Baskets

Happy March! We have so much going on this month and not to mention this weather is amazing! We leave tomorrow to go back to Utah and I am super nervous this time, Eric wants me to drive and his car is stick (eek), and Aden is still not back to his usual healthy self so I hope he gets some much needed sleep. But we are excited to see family and I am so excited for date night with Eric since we have babysitters!!! So excited! Today I went to the dentist by myself and it felt like a mini Mama vacation and literally put me in the best mood even if I was at the dentist. Which I realized I need to totally take make more time for myself, I am joining a gym for the first time ever, have someone else do my nails besides me (and Adie) and come home a better Mommy and Wife! Seriously, I drove around with my window down (partially because my air conditioner broke) and listened to music loud and grabbed Jack in the Box Dr. Pepper and it was perfect.

I am really looking forward to Easter this year for a few reasons. One, it will be Aden's first Easter and those are always fun, Adie is already obsessed with plastic eggs she grabbed for our Easter decoration box and has filled them with every tiny whatever she can find. We will be with family and Adie will actually hunt for eggs with her cousins and I cannot wait. I always love finding the perfect things for my little people and Spring is bringing way more cute than I can afford (ha ha ha). I online shop like crazy and then get hate mail (emails) saying your shopping cart is full ... seriously nothing haunts you like the things you didn't buy! 

I have been in the hunt for the perfect basket for Adie and Aden. I still have Adie's from her first Easter with her little name on it but it's not big enough. Last year we had to dump her eggs out so she could hunt for more eggs! And have you seen Target's eggs this year?! I am in love with that little flamingo from Target's Pillowfort collection (you can see more here) and it just screams summer to me and Adie loves her flamingo from Anthropolie and has named her Ring ... she is the best name giver ever! When I found this little grapefruit organizer I knew Adie had to have it and she will literally carry it everywhere I just know it and she will put everything in it! It's so stinking darling. Being in the Sunshine State we need swimsuits and I love the stripped once piece and the heart is even more perfect! I follow Leo & Bella on Instagram and when they had the blush clown I almost died! It by far is the most beautiful clown ever and would totally be a piece of treasure sitting in her room because I'm not sure I would let her play with because it is so pretty! A few other things I would grab for Adie's basket are: bows, I found these bracelets and one with her name on it would be darling and I would grab one form myself too but with her name on it. I think I will make some more pretend makeup (you can see the DIY here) and grab the new lemon EOS chapstick (it's yellow, perfect for Spring)

Now for my little guy ... I am so excited for all of Aden's firsts and this little sippy cup literally melts my heart. Its just so cute and I am so sure Adie will want one, just without the lid well maybe with the pink one. ;) I love grabbing a good tee and especially since Aden is just about out of all of his 6-9 month t-shirts and for Spring this one is perfect! Aden loves everything you push and something moves on it ... that little airplane is super fun and has extra meaning too, his Papa Gordon flew planes and loved them so that will give us the opportunity to talk about him with Aden. For some reason I am drawn to saguaros, I think because I am from Arizona and Eric loves them! The pillow is super cute and would look perfect in Aden's room! A good book, baby snacks, these sea art cards and a pair of sneakers would fill his basket! Easter is going to be so fun and so spiritually uplifting (which I always need) and I cannot wait to squeeze my three favorites and spend time with family.

Every day I try to do a little something fun and out of the normal living life (making it through the day) routine. So today, we did ice cream cones outside, drew rainbows with chalk and had Adie tell me I can only take one picture! I cannot get enough of her stories, her excitement and lately her favorite thing to do is copy you and it's hilariously darling! She wanted to give the birds an ice cream cone but later she tells me, she wanted to write all of our names on the backyard patio and she knows how to eat an ice cream cone. Cheers! to being not so normal! -XO!

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