Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colors of Summer

We made it to Utah ... eight hours. 40 minutes. two stops. two babies laughing and stopped at the Maverik (best Dr. Pepper). This trip from California seemed fast, the weather was perfect for driving (it's snowed the last two times) and our butts are sore but we are so excited to be here with family and spend the weekend with them! Adie loves stopping at the Maverik, she literally cracks me up, lately her new thing to say is I can't decide Mama, I just can't. Adie is the flower girl in her Aunt Trina's wedding and I cannot wait to see her rock the aisle like we've been practicing! Fingers crossed. 

It already feels like the beginning of Summer in California and I cannot complain. I love it, being outside with kids is magical and does wonders when its time for bed. I love everything about summer, the longer nights, lemonade, beach days, vacations, the colors, and my two little people's birthdays! I am so excited to have their birthday parties this year. Aden will be one and I will be bawling but happy too! I cannot get enough of the blues with a pop of color! Or the entire outfit a pop of color and accessorize with sandals, slip-on or sneakers! Not to mention that orange slice bag ... a must! So I grabbed some fun summer pieces from our favorite places to shop and created four fun outfits! I can definitely see Adie being her stylish self in each outfit and cannot wait to update her closet. 

This fringe romper is a staple piece for sure and am in love with everything about it. Its so simple yet so perfect :) Seem like the perfect match for a busy toddler, whether they are running around chasing dreams or on a super fun play date! As you guys already know we are huge fans of Charlie and Coco's bows and polka dots! Adie gets super tan in the summer (even with sunscreen, she's like her Daddy) so this outfit will be super cute! I love my Yosi Samra shoes and the fact that they make them Adie size is even more fun! I love these ones for this outfit, a little texture for a simple outfit leaves your little fashionista ready to play. The orange slice purse is perfect for summer and since Adie is obsessed with orange juice, this is just what she needs :)

I ordered a dress for Easter (you can see here) for Adie and this mustard leo one is stinking the funnest ever. It has my heart. We went to the Land of Nod event and met ...... behind it all and she is so fun and has new and exciting things coming and I cannot wait! I have always had my eye on the pearl necklace from J.Crew and especially since it's Adie's birthstone. It really completes the look. I have always loved being a little different with Adie's style and she rocks every minute of it, that's why I paired sneakers with this outfit! She is always running around so sneakers in our house is a necessity! And no look is complete without a bow. Zozu Baby and I follow each other on Instagram and she is so incredibly inspiring and I jsut love her!

I have a thing for little people in jean jackets. The rompers from Rags to Raches are incredibly soft and stylish at the same time! LOVE! So a jacket for those summer nights at a fun restaurant is totally right on. I love love love the big bow headband and the pop of color is perfect for this outfit, right?! ;) and those shoes!!! Literally a must in every little girls closet. 

I could not pass up those star overalls for so many reasons! How cute would those be for the Fourth of July?!?! I see Free Babes bows everywhere and on everyone and I so know why! Look how adorable the floral one is! I love it and its so perfect for this outfit. Sandals are huge for us because when we are ready to leave (my hands are always full) we are ready, so to slip on a cute pair is ideal. I am in love with my birkenstocks and we got Adie a pair the last two summers and they are the best shoes all summer long! I love following small shops (some are huge but small) on Instagram because they always have the best stuff! The bodysuit is by far one of my favorite things ever ... and ... we actually one a contest and one that exact one and cannot wait until it arrives!!!! I will definitely grab the overalls when we get back to California. I swear I want these outfits for myself too! HA! 

Happy Shopping ... as always! :) - XO!

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