Thursday, March 17, 2016

Books For Him

Today like this entire week has been crazy and I need a vacation with my three favorites preferably an island with just white sand, blue blue water and smoothies for days. We ate our usual cupcakes (just the frosting) made it to Target and back just in time for Aden's first nap ... and then he didn't nap! Just like Adie you have to literally wait until they poop for nap or it so isn't happening. So we got a little more play time in and he crashed for a few hours and now both my babies are asleep and I miss their craziness! 

I love a good book and lately have only been reading Cosmo and the Crate and Barrel catalog but have a few I would like to start (when I have free time, ha ha) and I cannot get enough books for my little people. Adie's books are so easy for me to pick out because of the pretty illustrations usually and we get most of them from Peek Kids which is one of our favorite ever stores. But having a little guy now it's a whole new playing field, cars/trucks, monsters, dinosaurs and outdoors with bugs! It's all new to me because I am a girly girl but want to be well rounded for both my babies. We still have a couple years until Aden is bringing bugs and lizards in the house and I literally will not know what to do. But for now we are building his library and I need more books (please don't say Dr. Seuss) that are unique and let his imagination start to grow. 

One of Aden's (and mine) favorite books is Hello Ninja! It by far is the cutest book ever. He pulls every book he can off the shelf (like every kid I know), grabs this one so we read it a few hundred times before Adie is running around his room (like a ninja) which makes him laugh and forget we're reading. She loves reading to him and it makes my mama heart all kinds of happy, then he pulls her hair and she's had enough. At the end of the night, after a day that feels like a week, the last thing I want to do is story-time. Adie always picks the stories that seem like they never end and I usually skip a page or two and she totally notices. Hashtag busted! Only once has she fallen asleep (almost) during stories, she's all about what happens and then tells me which story she wants to read later. 

My favorite book right now to read is Beekle, its the cutest imagination story ever. The ending is my favorite. :) I need to get in a better habit of reading to Aden before bed so we develop that habit of stories, but for now we have been reading when he wakes up in the morning. It's really fun and hard to get them to eat breakfast, maybe breakfast and stories ... donuts!?

Looking forward to a fun weekend, the beach or a fun hike! Next week are headed back to SLC and I have a huge to do list and two crazy babies! ;) Happy Friday Eve! (and St. Patty's Day) -XO!


  1. My little boys love the Little Blue Truck series. They are so cute and have amazing pictures. One of my favorites to read them before bed is I Love You, Stinky Face. It's so adorable and is a perfect bedtime story for any little boy.

    1. I will have to pick some up :) thank you! I love stinky face book and it's one of Adie's favorite! XO!