Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Tonight Adie and I went to the girly-est Valentines Party that Studio DIY hosted at Sugarfina in Pasadena and it was stinking so fun! It was a little rough getting out the door; there were tears, a few curse words (the really bad ones) and feeling a little a lot guilty just taking Adie with when Aden was being himself getting four new teeth and Eric being completely exhausted from work ... but we had a blast and I am so glad we went and nothing retail therapy cannot fix! :) #always We bought the rug and side table that we'll put in the fireplace room and you can see more here and a couple vases for the table (fingers crossed they look ok) and now we need a couple chairs and two poufs for my little babies!

So Studio DIY hosted a fun party where we ate candy, drank sparkling water that I forgot I didn't like & neither did Adie and MAC Makeup gave us lip-makeovers! Muah! All night they sampled the yummiest candy which the lips were our favorites and Adie owned the party! She even took a selfie with the cute MAC girl who gave her the prettiest pink lips that she talked about all night long. She wanted us to cover our lips when we got home to surprise Daddy and ate the entire box of fish candy on the way home but she still had room for chicken nuggets and her frozen lemonade.

We met Rad and Happy (Tara) and she stinking is the funnest. She and Adie had the cutest conversation and she grew up where we live. I just love California, candy, lipstick and nights with my sweet girl! Her outfit was on point and everyone thought the same. Which we are working on teaching her to say thank you or even anything when someone compliments her ... it's even hard for me but we're both working on it! Lately Adie will just start copying me and it's so funny and then we just both laugh until it hurts like tonight in the bathroom, I just love her! Pasadena is such a charming town and we cannot get enough of it or the shopping :)

Valentine's Day is my favorite .. any holiday really. I love days where I can make it a little more fun, cute or filled with laughter, my favorite. We made Valentines last week and we will be sending them to a few of our favorites, my sisters are coming to town this weekend and it's all Adie is talking about, we're so excited. So cupcakes and donuts are a must according to her! I bought this dress that I pinned from Pinterest which is a flipping miracle that I actually found where to buy it lets just hope we actually get it and it rocks! I have been wanting a pair of valley eyewear sunglasses for forever and just might break down and buy a pair before summer and all of the days at the beach. I love wedges and living in Southern California I can wear them pretty much all year and I am loving those nude strappy ones, now if my size (let me know if you see a 10 available, pretty please) would be restocked by Valentine's Day! The Love Style Life book seems perfect for the holiday and my girly book collection! This is the perfect hairstyle for the day/night and even on the beach!

I did a Q&A on relationships for Magnolia Rose (you can see it here) and I read it again and totally need to read it every day, it was really good :) let me know what you think and totally share what works for you guys ... I'd love to hear! Also don't forget our fun giveaway with Charlie Coco's it ends Thursday night and we'll announce the winner Friday! Cheers to sugar coated lips! XO!

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