Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Wishes

#TGIF ... it's been a week filled with runny noses, shirley temples, balloon parties and it's finally the weekend! I am so excited to spend it with my three favorites and hit the beach! Tomorrow I am taking Adie to the Land of Nod for a fun morning of making Valentine's :) and bringing dinner to a sweet family (I haven't yet met but I am so excited) and it's my Ma's birthday! So we have a lot to celebrate this weekend! Nothing makes me happier than when my little people are laughing and smiling and I get to give them kisses and more hugs than they want! 

My wishes for them is to always know how much I love them. How much I wanted both of their sweet faces to be waking me up in the mornings, telling me wild stories and counting on me for everything! Truly the best love in the entire world ... being a Mommy! That they are worth all of it, that they have made me the happiest I will ever be, that I wished for them! Wishes so big that they will always know they are enough, they are beautiful and one of a kind and worth all that this world has to offer! I just love their little guts more than I will ever be able to describe!

Gathered a few things I am totally swooning over and will keep on my wish list(s). Nothing really beats pink in my book and Adie would so agree. She tells everyone her favorite color is pink and today she wanted all of the pink balloons and gave me crap because I gave her the red straw instead of the pink one :) totally my girl! Since we've moved to Southern California and been going to the beach often (in February!!!) bags are a must and I still seem to carry too many of them but that pink one I just know would fit everything we need and still have room to bring all of the sand home. Nordstrom is having one of their sales that are always so good and the bag is on sale. I need a new phone like I need another Dr. Pepper! It has had soda spilt on it in the car from a road trip, I am 100% sure Aden threw up on it and now he is drooling on it because he uses it to soothe his six teeth coming in and Adie has pushed every button on every app/map/music station/note/voice recorder and I am sure it will never be the same! So when I get my new phone that case is perfect to protect it and keep the credit card and take my two babies to the beach because really that's all you need, a camera and some money! 

I stumbled across a picture on Instagram late one night instead of going to bed and found that beautiful turquoise ring and insist I have one too :) ... it is perfect and I cannot wait to wear it! Ha! I usually don't wear jewelry, earrings and my wedding rings are all that always stay on but that pink bracelet looks so pretty and would go with everything! Even a swimsuit at the beach! I finally grabbed a few vases from West Elm and think we need one more and something for the home is always good. But love the quality and style of the blown glass vases! I have had my purse now for 4-5 years and it is trashed and crazy right! I need a new one because mine now just collects receipts, m&ms that hit the floor, I think there's even an ornament in there right now but it's old and boring now and I love the style of the boho bags. With Aden sometimes a diaper bag and a purse are just too much and days they aren't. Plus those bag charms are my new favorite accessory and if Aden gets fussy I just know they would rock his world and I love this one too!

I love love love my Birkenstock and need a pair in every color and the pink ones are at the top of the list! Right now they are out of my size so I have been stalking the site to see when they have a size ten so I can grab them and wear them every. single. day! I always put those sunglasses on my lists because every time I see them on someone (usually Lunchpail and Lipsticks' Lisa) and I die, they are the perfect accessory for Mommies everywhere! Being festive is the best part of having kids, they get so excited over the small stuff and so do I ... those balloons are stinking so fun and would make the cutest pictures on the beach having a picnic! FUN! Right!? 

Here's a few pictures from today and in case you missed it on Instagram we (finally) picked a winner of our Charlie Coco's Giveaway ... just making sure you're still following our crazy on Instagram! You can see if it's you here! Cheers to love! XO!

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