Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

probably tell Adie and Aden five trillion times a day that I love them so much! Valentine's Day is one of my favorites to celebrate and this week we have shirley temples to drink while I listen to her stories that melt my heart, Valentines to make at The Land of Nod and spend the day at the beach because we love it! This week we have been doing laundry (it never freaking ends), making our usual trip to Target, sending out Valentines and running after Aden because he is into every.thing! Adie has a little fever which makes my Momma heart hurt but she literally is the sweetest thing ever. She tells the best stories and all she wants to do is snuggle. 

A couple things I picked up for my little Valentine! Adie is always coloring and now she writes her name plus Aden's too. She draws orange juice, Princess Peach and Flynn Rider and I save every one she draws. So I grabbed this sketch book from Barnes and Noble and I guarantee it will be filled in an afternoon while she is eating her weight in fruit snacks. I also picked up the cutest book while I was at B&N, Hug Machine for Sunday. Grabbed one for Aden's birthday too (can never be too prepared). Since we have been going to the beach Adie needs a little two piece so when I have to run to the bathroom I don't have to pry her swimsuit off and balance everything not touch anything! And have you ever tried pulling a wet one-piece swimsuit full of sand back on your little toddler! Almost doesn't happen! Almost!

Adie was watching a Barbie movie and since then has told me she needs a guitar but this ukulele would be perfect for her! I can see her playing it for days, singing to her friends and making us play her a song or two. I bought both Adie and Aden these little beetle cars and just know it will be perfect for bath time, beach time and just playing with her baby brother. Every occasion needs a bow and you all know our favorites. I love the color of this one and it also comes as a headband, perfect with curls! 

Happy Monday! XO!

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