Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Fever Girl Style

It already feels like Spring in California and I am freaking so excited! All of the new Spring arrivals at our favorite stores will literally have me broke. broke. broke! I am dying! I love how Adie can pull off any outfit that I pick out for her and maybe one day she will look back and think I am crazy but for now she looks insanely adorable. Its seriously the little things that get us super excited for our every day. I told Eric tonight that I need each outfit for Adie so we can go play at the beach, try new restaurants, eat cupcakes and take a billion pictures along the way. 

Today I took Adie and Aden to the park and it was exactly what we needed. Nothing is better than getting sunshine and Chick-fil-A! Adie loves the swing and climbing up everything she can and making new friends. She laughs/screams so loud when I push her on the swings and then tells me to stop pushing her so she can try it ... which then she yells "Mama you need to push me!' Just love her!

Now to the good stuff ... J.Crew has always been a favorite place to shop and they did not disappoint this Spring. That elephant tee was instantly a favorite even more so paired with those stripped shorts that I so thought was a skirt. But totally perfect for my active little dancer, ball kicker and crazy girl. I have always loved converse on Adie and pink is a must every year and I cannot wait to grab a pair for Aden! :) I really need to just grab the bow from Charlie Coco's because it is beautiful and we stinking love her stuff ... and her! One of Adie's best qualities is that she can make people laugh, she has done this since she was born. So I will be grabbing that for sure when we go back to Utah next month and the skirt ... and the headband! Seriously would wear the headband myself! LOVE! Ok since I have always loved anything tropical that romper needs to be delivered asap! I cannot wait until it's restocked so I can grab one for my sweet California girl. And you can never have enough sunglasses especially pink ones!!!

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and lots of shopping! :) -XO!

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