Monday, February 22, 2016

Ocean Child

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. That literally is the best idea ever. With both my little people home why not?! Living in Southern California there are so many beaches, so much sunshine and plenty of days in the week to build sandcastles, eat sand, splash in the ocean and eat strawberry shortcake ice cream while we make memories that will last forever. We've been trying to make it to the ocean once a week and are loving it. I have always loved everything about the beach and palm trees are my favorite and am so excited that I get to raise two little beach bums. Lucky me! :) 

A drop in the ocean a change in the weather I was praying that you and me might end up together.

Ocean air and salty hair looks good on Adie and she is the funnest when we go to the beach. She insists on taking off her shoes before she walks in the sand. She picks out the swimsuit she wants to wear, she brings a few of her favorite friends, accessorizes and I couldn't love that she loves the beach any more! Today Eric took her out in the ocean and splashed in the waves with her and she was obsessed. She would hang on to him, put her head on his shoulder and hold tight ... I could hear her scream/laugh from the sand. She didn't want to get out until we said ice cream! Every time we go we grab ice cream, hers totally fell on the ground today and it was funny but sad at the same time. She thinks the water tastes like french fries and I die, she is just so fun and love her sense of adventure! And I am dying over all of the new suits coming out ... I have the cutest idea for her birthday plans, cannot wait to show you guys. She picked it out and it's the best one yet! I freaking love birthdays and you can see hers from last year (here) and one of my favorites that was featured on Kara's Party Ideas :) (here) Her favorite thing is to run in the water and pretend it's hot lava and run back to the beach then lays in the hot sand just to roll around in it ... she's a complete blast!

Aden's first trip to the beach he was the cutest. He loves the sand, crawls everywhere and cannot get enough of the sunscreen bottle. I bought this little hat for him and I think he should wear it all of the time because he just looks so cute in it. I already bought him another one for his birthday which is three months away so I plan on squishing him, giving him more kisses and snuggling him a little longer when I rock him to bed. Because when they turn one ... that's it! I no longer have a little baby just a little boy I never thought would take up so much room in my heart! Hashtag mama tears! I found two of the cutest swimsuits for him now that he is almost nine months there are a ton more options to choose from! Cannot wait to get them (and Adie's)! Every year we always grab a new swimsuit or two its like a must and even more so being so close to the beach. Today Aden's new favorite thing is to crawl around then all of a sudden he mouth wide open face plants it into the sand and loves it! His nose, eyes, mouth ... everything is covered in sand. He definitely is our no fear do anything little guy! I found the cutest print I want to put in each of their rooms because they are now my ocean babies!

Hope you guys had a blast of a Monday! -XO!

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