Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life Lately + Sunshine

The days blend into weeks here in Southern California with the sweetest girl and a teething baby boy. We have been so excited this week since my sisters will be here tomorrow and Adie was pretty pissed when I told her today was Thursday! We are so excited for cupcakes, toes in the beach, shirley temples with cousins and belly laughs to last for days. I finally got out of my sweats to go to my dentist appointment (which I hate every single time) and made it to Target for the second time this week. Found the cutest cards for my Valentines and since when are they like five dollars?! 

The weather has been incredibly beautiful so bubbles, bike rides and trips to Chick-fil-A have been almost a daily thing. Adie tells me every day she like broccoli and rice now with the cutest surprised expression ever. She has been growing up right before our eyes and I don't now if I am excited or sad or both but my heart literally wants to burst every second with her. She is my favorite girl in the whole wide world. Her love for Aden makes my heart melt and my eyes swell up with Mommy tears, she makes him laugh like no one can. I told Eric today that I am not sure if I can handle her starting school because I will miss the crap out of her but I am looking forward to her stories and making snack time our time. She always wants MM (M&M's) to color which then it's the new nail polish, to play and rub her face at night after you read her stories. Tonight I read her favorite Jasmine story and changed the voices as each character talked and she laughed so hard and then I did and we both were dying! Aden is crawling all over the place and makes his famous nose scrunch when he gets going fast. He is so clingy and the moment you pick him up he wants down but I never want to let him go. His favorite thing right now (if you follow us @adieandaden on Instagram you already know) is to wave hi! When we wave at each other in the bathroom he laughs so much and get way excited. He still freaking hates peas and he puts nothing in his mouth. I have tried giving him a teething soothie and he wont budge. Lips are sealed and it's sorta of funny. 

 We are looking forward to a few things coming up ...

1. Aden's birthday which Adie totally picked the theme and it fits him perfectly so we're pretty excited about that. I haven't found too much on Pinterest that I just love so I need to be extra creative. Never too early to start planning :)

2. Next week the weather is even more sunny and I told Adie we need to hit a new beach every day! Which Eric's boss was telling him about a beach that have little pools where you can see puffer fish and crabs ... so adventurous I cannot wait. 

3. Eric's birthday is at the end of the month and it's usually freezing when we celebrate (back in Utah) so hopefully the weather continues to be warm so we can celebrate way fun!

Oh and I just got the coffee/side table I order from West Elm for our cozy room and am in LOVE with it! Now we just need everything else, which the rug I ordered says ship date if June ... really I cannot wait that long!!! We will be ordering a chair and a couple poufs for the two little people soon which has me super excited! You can see what else we need here!

Cheers to you! Thanks for reading hashtag muah! XO!

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