Monday, February 29, 2016

DIY Pretend Makeup!

Happy Leap Year! Today Aden is officially nine months old and he is my favorite little guy in the whole world! Having two sick little people is the worst and I am ready for them to be back to their wild ways. I am exhausted from having sleep parties, chasing runny noses, the orange juice runs and the five hundred loads of laundry that I actually hung up! :) 

Every time I get ready (when I actually do) Adie is right next to me asking, "What's that Mommy?" and tells me she has an idea and then she whispers to me that we should share. So I always let her use a little glitter dust and then it is everywhere! But how can you blame her to want sparkles everywhere. Adie is obsessed with lipstick and I have been to the MAC counter more than I can count to replace the lipstick that has been shoved in the lid or smeared all over the carpet (it totally came out) which I am going to brave this year and try new colors ... I am loving the matte look because I need 565460 kissed from Adie and Aden a day and my lipstick doesn't need to be everywhere or all over them. Be bold, right!?  So excited for Summer ...

So, this fun DIY project is a must if you have little girls. It is so easy and I bet you already have everything you need at home right now. I found a few empty MAC eye-shadow containers, picked our favorite nail polish colors and you're ready to do makeovers with your favorite girls. I used the nail polish with a little glitter and has sand (??!) in it for the blush and it turned out perfect! They seriously look so real and it literally is my new favorite thing to do with her. She uses them for lipstick, nail polish and even puts a little in her hair. I washed each one, painted our favorite colors and let them dry overnight which Adie was going crazy waiting and kept asking if they were dried yet.

 And now her little makeup goes everywhere she does! She insists she brings it in her purse along with all of her other must haves. My favorite is how she brings something for Aden, she is always looking out for him and it makes my heart happy! Plus I would carry her purse anywhere! And if you don't have MAC makeup containers use any! The possibilities are endless and so are the colors! I want to grab a few Spring colors like blues or greens ... put a few in her Easter basket with some lip gloss! I am so excited for Easter this year, Aden will love the eggs and Adie get excited over everything (just like her Mama) so it's going to be so fun!

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