Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bedtime Routine

Tonight went like this: Eric asking Adie if she knows what time it is and she says, "Ya, Daddy it's bedtime!" And I am over here almost ugly crying because she will wake up in the morning just a bit older! Eric's approach to putting her to bed is hilarious to me because she can get him to do anything ... she's already a smart girl! I hear "please Daddy! please! please!" like a hundred times and then I see them playing kitchen and she's making him breakfast (everything is always breakfast) and a half an hour later they are reading another story. She was trying to convince him to play games tonight and Eric wasn't giving in and then Adie says she wants me to put her to bed. Usually I put Aden to bed while Eric puts Adie to bed and Aden drinks his bottle and is out. So tonight I tucked Adie in, read stories, said prayers and rubbed her back and she literally fell asleep in less than ten minutes. So I sneak out and tell Eric, "that's how it's done!" ha ha :) So I went though our bedtime routine and grabbed what works for us and don't get me wrong some nights I want to freak out because Adie is running around naked saying "naked booty, naked booty" while we are chasing her around the house; Aden still has a few wiggles to get out and I need at least ten minutes to myself. But more than most of the time they are little angel bugs and I love snuggling them before they have pretty dreams!

1. Bath Time: Adie and Aden get baths every other night unless we've been at the beach, playing outside (in the dirt) or decide to draw tattoos (like Uncle Keith) all over their arms with marker. Our pediatrician told us when she was just a baby that their skin is super sensitive and bathing them every day would dry their skin out and they really don't need it (when they're babies) so we've been doing just that. Warm water is always relaxing and we love our Mustela and Aveeno products especially after for a soothing skin massage to get them relaxed and ready for bed. Plus I love blow drying Adie's hair and my wish is she will always let me have a little girl time!

2. Pajamas: As every single Mommy knows, toddlers and sometimes babies can get completely ornery when they feel like they are being bossed around too much ... it will help if you add a few choices during the bedtime journey. Adie is so much more responsive and cooperative when she has choices. I even do this sometimes with getting dressed in the morning when I can tell it's going to be a hot mess. I love the footy jammies for Aden and Adie (makes her not look so grown up) and these ones are the cutest for Easter coming up and these ones for Aden!

3. Snacks for the Hungry: Adie is the biggest snack eater, she always wants a snack and lately her favorite snack is ogurt (yogurt) cheese and mixed nuts. Sometimes when she is stalling for bed like the other night she tells me her tummy is growling, she's starving or she needs a drink, just a little bit she says! I am always hesitant to give her something to drink before bed because nothing is worse than a two am wake up because she wet the bed. So she always gets a splash. Its a long time until breakfast so a snack wont hurt, a carb-protein combo is perfect. A few of our favorites: cheese and crackers, yogurt and cereal (Adie loves Raisin Bran Crunch), and my favorite milk and cookies. Oatmeal cookies are good nothing too sugary or we all know where that will take us. Nightmare!

4. Brush Teeth: Adie is so good at this especially since visiting the dentist. He looked for sugar bugs and now we use that when we brush her teeth, we have to get all of the sugar bugs. I really like the electric toddler brushes and with the Disney app brushing teeth is simple and she loves it. We use the little travel floss for her molars and we are working on her spitting the toothpaste out and rinsing. It's always a huge clean up but I like creating those habits because I hate the dentist!

5. Good Night, Babies: Before Adie and Aden get drinks and stories we always make sure enough kisses go around and we say goodnight to each other. One night she had to say goodnight to all of her "people" and that was like 30 people and I was loosing it so be in control and call the shots from the very beginning and it'll be the cutest thing you see. Good nights are brief and sweet except Mommy and Daddy's, the longer the better, sloppy kisses and tight hugs are essential. 

6. Story Time: (my favorite) Reading books I think is probably one of the most important things to do for your babies/toddlers. I always let Adie pick the story and lately it has been a Jasmine story from one of her princess books. I sometimes use different names for each character and she laughs, then I am laughing so much I can't read and then we both are laughing and it's literally the best. I always read to her while she is snuggled in her princess sheets, every time, they love consistency and routine. I play twinkle twinkle little star from my phone, on repeat and Adie knows it's her song. 

7. Night Hugs and Kisses: I love talking to Adie about what she wants to do tomorrow and she always has the best ideas. I always tell her how special she is to me, how lucky I am and how much I love her. I never want her to forget that she is my girl and always will be. I rock Aden while he drinks his bottle and then put him in his crib usually after I've snuggled him a little extra. I like to put him in his crib when he is almost asleep so he knows when he is in his crib, you fall asleep and it works, worked with Adie, like a charm! Adie likes her faced rubbed, her arm scratched. She's very particular too, tonight she tells me "scratch rub Mommy!" and shows me how to. And like that she is asleep having pretty dreams and I can't leave. I just gaze at her and my heart melts as she's asleep and then I start to miss her and wish she will stay little just a little longer.

Sweet dreams! -XO!

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