Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bedroom Wishes

I don't think Moms should ever get sick because all I want to do is stay in bed, watch the crap out of Netflix and if I happen to fall asleep, no big deal. But I have two babies and a Hubby with the craziest work schedule and we are all super Moms. But today I did get a little nap that felt like a dream and now I totally want to redo our bedroom. Right now it is so plain and we need to add some character to make it a place I want to be at night to relax and look at five million pictures of my babies or thinking about everything I didn't get done instead of sleeping. We don't even put a television in our room because that can be too distracting and being two thousand sixteen there is way too much of that. 

So here are a few of the things I am swooning over to make our room a little more stylish! I still cannot decide on a bed that Eric will love too and not being too girly. But I am in love with everything else ... I mean that rug is my new favorite thing ever. It comes in a big enough size that I can put it under the bed about half way and add the sheepskin rug right where my feet hit when I wake up in the morning! Which our sunrises have been stunning just like the sunsets. California living really is a dream! I love big pieces of artwork compared to a bunch of stuff on the walls and loving the simple yet beach like one I picked from Z Gallerie. Love that place! I bought a succulent plant and luckily it is still alive and think we need to add more greenery around the house (even if they are fake). We need a big dresser because I usually fold all of my stuff which really means my sweats and comfy t-shirts. I want to try and stay away from all dark furniture like we have right now to make the room feel brighter but that dresser is the one! Put a vase with some tropical leaves and maybe a catch all dish for keys and change oh and a picture of my three favorites for sure. 

The nightstand is simple and perfect for my style. Usually my night stand is full of random nothings like an empty Dr. Pepper can, a few of Aden's toys and a sock of Adie's! But I like how this one I can add a few books I should read and the simple look of the vase and I love you so print is just ideal! I love that floor lamp you can also see how I styled it here for our comfy room we are working on right now! So does anybody's Hubby sit on the bed when you are still asleep and jump up and down on it while putting their socks on?! Or is it just me?! At least that's what it feels like so a chair in our room is a freaking must! I love how simple and comfy this one looks and you can add any color pillow to make it work for you! I love the yellow color especially since Spring is almost here!!!! A little side table to keep a book or plant is perfect and I love concrete anything! We don't have any mirrors hanging in the house besides in the bathroom but this one really caught my eye and think it would be perfect in our bedroom for those last minute make sure my hair looks ok looks! 

I want those shaggy poufs everywhere in our house! They are so cute and completely comfy and I just know Adie and Aden will love them! Which will be perfect so they can jump, sit and whatever on those instead of our bed our the sofa! :) Today was full of rain, playing shopping (Adie's new favorite) we go to Target and Peek Kids and cute laughter with Aden. He is so happy when he wakes up from his nap and I think it is time to lower his crib! Insert tears now! But the weather is supposed to be in the 80's and I cannot complain ... I love February when it's warm! I hated being so cooped up inside (Utah) because it was snowing or too dang cold to do anything outside with two little people! Literally makes you crazy! But hopefully we get to the beach for some fun adventures, tan lines and put our toes in the sand! Sure feel lucky that Eric's job didn't take us to Montana (it almost happened) and that we get to be beach bums for now! Cheers!

Adie today told me she was rich so let's start shopping, right?! :) and she wanted to wear my a necklace and totally think she needs one for her birthday, it looks so darling on her! So excited for her birthday and Aden's too! XO!

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