Thursday, February 18, 2016

Aden's Birthday Plans

We have 100 days 1 hour 25 minutes and 38 seconds until we have a ONE year old little guy! Mama tears just thinking about it. He's simply the stinking best and does anybody else get baby fever from their own babies?! ... besides me? He has been the perfect addition to our family and I couldn't imagine life without him. He is so full of smiles, six teeth, curiosity and the best belly laughs! I asked Adie what kind of birthday party we should have for Aden, she told me a happy face party! It totally fits and I cannot wait to celebrate his sweet little face (yes I can wait) with family and friends. 

I already grabbed his birthday tee that I will pair with some stinking cute jeans and these sneakers and since when did he look so grown up! I absolutely love birthdays! I cannot get over this theme of smiley faces. Adie nailed it and I couldn't find much on Pinterest (you can see our birthday board here) so I am totally getting creative and cannot wait. I always use mason jars but when we moved I found our Pottery Barn mason jars and will fill them with lemonade and a slice of lemon with those paper straws. I loved how Adie's cake turned out for her last birthday (see it here) so I think for Aden's we'll do the same. I am on the hunt for the perfect cake topper but I am really liking the number one. 

Aden was obsessed with his balloons toady so they are a must and a lot of them. In all of our fun colors. Adie is obsessed with cupcakes so those will be a must with little smiley faces and I found the cutest cheers stirring sticks that I will put in a few cupcakes too. I did find the cutest DIY smiley face bag that I can fill with little candies for the party people's thank-yous! Lemon heads seem to be a must, I have a fun idea for his wrapping paper, and lots of kisses and birthday wishes! It's going to be so fun! Just love his little everything!

I am so ready for the weekend, everyone is feeling better which is worth celebrating, beach days are a must this weekend and cheers to being so lucky being his Mama! XO!


  1. Love following your sweet family! And how special that big sister got to pick his first birthday theme. Love that idea!

    1. Awe you're so sweet, thank you! She rocks at parties so it was a no brainer! XO!