Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day Style

Valentine's Day is always a day I stinking love! I probably tell Adie and Aden 5461356 times a day that I love them! She totally wipes my kisses away so that's probably another 546389 kisses a day! Even on days I don't get out of my sweats, I have been puked on, I can't remember if I've brushed my hair, and even when I can't adult I love their little guts! Which I saw this shirt and think every Momma needs it and we all go get mani/pedi's and talk about our babies! One thing that Adie loves is cupcakes and she only eats the frosting and leaves the cake in a spot I usually find later in the afternoon or next day. Today was filled with cupcakes, bubbles and so much laughing from both Adie and Aden and it was literally they best day. I am going to miss my little pumpkin when she goes to preschool and I will probably wait for her in the car for the three hours just in case she needs me ;) 

I cannot get over these cute little Valentine's Day inspired outfits! The pink and black totally has me this year and I think we should have a Mommy and Daughter photo shoot and the beach would be the perfect spot! I need to capture my babies every second so I never forget a single thing. Which this year I have committed to getting both Adie and Aden's baby books up to date and filled with pictures and every detail so they will always have it to look back on. I also found these books I got for each of them to write them letters they can open when they get older and will keep forever so they get a little peak into their little lives!

I ordered the cotton dress with dots and need to grab everything else and just like everything I would totally buy it if it came in my size! :) I have ordered from Swallow's Return before and LOVE everything about it. Once Adie outgrew the length I used it as a cute shirt with jeans or leggings! Super fun! I love everything about that romper and know how stinking adorable Adie would look in it and I would want her to wear it every single day. And don't even get me started on that little jacket! To die for ... all of it!

Happy almost weekend! Ha! XO

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