Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Twenty Fifteen

Happy 2016 everyone! It is already a week two weeks (I have been trying to write this post since the New Year!) into two thousand and sixteen. This year has started with a broken heart as we said goodbye to Adie and Aden's Papa Gordon. Such a fun, giving, full of life and generous man. We have been traveling back and forth to Utah and we just got back to California after saying our goodbyes. It has been hard to see what he has left behind but we know now he is home and not in any pain. Warms our hearts just a little bit. 

2015 will always be a year that will be so special to us. Aden was born in May and he is exactly what our little family needed. He is so full of smiles, giggles and a few nose curls that make us all laugh. I still sometimes cannot believe I have two kids. Its crazy most days and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

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January is when we found out we were having a little boy (you can read more here) and at first I will be completely honest was bummed. I don't know why, I wanted another stinking cute little Adie because she has rocked my world since the moment I found out I was pregnant with her. BUT I would never ever want it any other way. Aden is by far the sweetest little snuggle bug and I cannot stop kissing his squishy cheeks! He was meant for me! We celebrated every week with Adie and still being a family of three. Our girls day every Saturday was exactly what we both needed. I always love doing something fun for each holiday and cupcakes are a must!

Easter is always fun with kids and watching them get excited looking for eggs and shaking them to see whats inside! And we will never forget the month of May when we finally kissed our sweet little boy! It was such a different experience than with Adie and I will treasure it forever (the whole story here). Adie's birthday is always a favorite being in the summer and celebrating everything about her with lots of friends and family!!! Fourth of July is a big huge event with the Andersons and every year it just gets better and better and this year Adie loved the fireworks and it was my stinking favorite ever. We spent every second we could outside this summer, drinking smoothies/rootbeer floats, splashing in the pool, BBQ's, and even a few naps in the sun!

This last year was huge for us! We also moved to California and arrived on Thanksgiving, drove all day, ate TGIF's and finally gave Eric long over due kisses. (three weeks without him sucked) We stressed, prayed and I even cried over this cute little house we get to call home. House hunting in California is exhausting and flipping crazy! But this house is slowly becoming a home and it's so fun to call it ours. Since we have been living out of our suitcases since the New Year it's so good to be back home, even with the piles of laundry and messes all over the house since we left in a hurry and after all of us being sick with the stomach bug. Throwing up with two babies and a husband all throwing up is the worst. WORST! Christmas this year was a little different for us (I'll be posting pictures soon, wanted to earlier but, you know!) It was such a fun night/day and I wouldn't have traded it for anything and I am even more excited for next year because my family will be coming up. I already want to start planning now! So here's to one of the best years in my life and even crazy at times but thank goodness for my little Adie and Aden! Eric too! ;)
Cheers to the old and new! XO

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