Friday, January 15, 2016

The Last Few Months with Aden

 Aden is already seven and a half months old today! He is full of the silliest personality that literally has all three of us laughing all day. Its been forever since we did an update on my sweet little kissable guy and he's changed so much. Adie tells me all of the time, "you don't want him to grow up!" That's right I want my babies to be babies forever! I tell her that I don't want Aden or her to grow up and she tells me, "Momma, I already grow up!" Stay little my babies!

Weight: 19 pounds
Looks: He is getting so much hair and it's the cutest when he wakes up and its all messy! He is looking more and more like Eric. He's getting his second tooth and just like Adie they both got their sharp/fang teeth first. 
Style: Everything from Peek Kids looks stinking so cute on him. I love him in little sweaters. We have stopped with the beanies but still love them because it's still nice weather here in Southern California! He kicks off his shoes and pulls off his socks. Total crazy stage of trying to change his diaper as he rolls over and wants the wipes, the toy or Adie's hair since she has to see if he peed or pooped. She's crazy! :)
Personality: He is smiling all of the time. Unless it's breakfast, lunch or dinner oh or nap time! He scrunches his nose and it's the cutest thing ever. It's like he knows he's funny and we all laugh. And then I just want to squeeze him until he pops! He is a wild sleeper, sister watcher and finger (s) sucker and we love him to death!
Adie Moment: She's been trying to carry him and all she does is laugh so hard she can't.
Dad Moment: Aden seriously every time smiles at Eric when he looks at him! Every time!
Mommy Moment: He's at the stage where he thinks anything I do is funny and it's awesome!
He Likes: Pulling sister's hair or anything he can get his hands on. He is so close to crawling that he rolls everywhere or somehow scoots on his belly and stretches to grab whatever he is after. He is a blanket snuggle monster or sometimes sister's sweater. Seriously the cutest thing ever! Ever! He loves to be held and I swear he has already mastered the cry for attention and pick me up cry! He loves to be rocked and I secretly love it and rock him way past when he falls asleep. ;) He points at everything and it's stinking so cute. 
His dislikes: He does not like pees or chicken noodle baby food. He literally gags like Adie does when we make her eat green beans. They totally get that from me! There isn't much that this little guy doesn't like. We got lucky ... again!

We love your guts little Aden. You are the sweetest thing we get to call ours and we are completely obsessed and you are perfect! Happy seven (and a half) months Aden Michael! XO

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