Monday, January 18, 2016

Rose Quartz and Serenity

This years pantone's color (rose quartz and serenity) is perfect for my two little favorites and for summer! I am so ready for sunny days, our toes in the beach (as Adie says) and soaking up the Southern California everything! I just bought this book from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie and makes me want to road trip all of California. We went to the beach this last weekend and Adie was obsessed even if it was cooler than any of us wanted but I swear kids do not care. Aden even was having the best time and this summer is going to stinking rock! 

I think Spring and Summer clothes are my super favorite. The styles, the colors and the fact they are itty bitty size are the best! I am loving rompers for both my babies and just found a new shop on Instagram and I am dying! They are darling and I totally entered to win a gift card but really I'll be snagging a few for Adie! I can just see summer getting more and more perfect! I snagged the best jacket from Jessica Simpson for Adie that I paired with a dress from Nordstrom (I couldn't find it online but if you follow us on Instagram @adieandaden you've seen it). I secretly want one for myself and how do I get one! I love anything from Charlie Coco's and right now her Valentine's Day collection is perfection! I cannot wait to grab a few for my little Valentine!

We are working on the room in our place with the fireplace next to our kitchen, you can see what I picked out here and those little poufs for my kiddos would be perfect in that room! Definitely the room where we snuggle and read fun stories, drink lots of hot chocolate and a few games of hide-n-seek before dinner or takeout! And since we will be living at the beach now since moving to California it is a must to grab that pink ice chest filled with apple juice and Dr. Pepper! Right now as I am writing this post, Adie is outside playing with buckets of water, Aden is asleep and I am catching up on the Bachelor! #omgolivia 

With Aden's 1st birthday coming up in 130 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes and 42 seconds and I am already planning at least thinking about it and got the cutest tee for him! How cute would that be with a bunch of balloons on the beach! Boys, Balloons and Beach ... a must! Which I asked Adie what kind of party we should throw him she said a mean one (the Hulk) but I still haven't decided and I think she totally wants that for her own birthday. The Rags to Raches rompers are by far my favorite ever. I have ordered a couple and both times still had pregnancy mom brain and ordered the wrong size so he squeezed into one that was a couple months to small and I am waiting for his other one when he's closer to 12 months. But they are so soft, super easy to put on and they are absolutely adorable! I bought that cute humpback whale from one of our many trips to Target and wanted to give it to Aden for Valentine's Day and Adie showed it to him and he was obsessed so we opened it up and they both have been playing with it since. It's adorable and now I can grab him something else :) 

Hope you guys are having the best start to the week! XO Some of these are blurry but they are the cutest and I am still trying to figure out my camera after like five years! But Aden is crawling now like a mad man and it's the funnest!

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