Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Finds + The Beach

I cannot believe my little stud is already eight months of baby squish-i-ness today. He is a baby full of many faces; a few with nose scrunches (my favorite), he's starting to lean in for open mouth slobbery kisses, he waves hi and gets so excited when you clap for him! It's literally the best thing ever. He is drooling nonstop with his four little teeth, crawling everywhere especially after his sister and he will not eat green beans or peas ... will not. 

When Adie was his age she put whatever she could find in her mouth and Aden is the complete opposite. When we took them to the beach I was for sure he would grab handfuls of sand and eat it but for now he just plays in it and crawls back and forth and then straight to the water. Which that onesie it takes a village is so the truth when you are at the beach with two babies! It was perfect when we got there and then I was freezing two hours later which I brought sweats even though Eric gave me crap for it! Ha! But watching Adie run in the water (which was freezing) back and forth, screaming at the waves and holding Eric's hand was simply priceless. She was born to be an ocean child ... Aden too! 

Having a boy is just as stinking fun as a having a girl, who knew!? Since we now live in California I have been on the hunt for hats for Aden and found the perfect one and cannot wait to get it and see how it looks on him. Fingers crossed he keeps it on so his little cute face is shaded from the sun and all of our beach adventures! I have loved him in sweaters and good vibes are a must so this one is perfect. It doesn't matter how many kids you have it always takes a village! I need a village that lives under my roof just to go to bed at a decent hour. With Aden's birthday coming up I found the cutest little zebra pull toy, the perfect gift from sister :) Which Adie picked the freaking cutest birthday theme ever I'll have to share with you guys soon! 

The silver race car is the funnest birthday gift and if he's anything like Adie he will be riding that thing all day every day. So excited and I cannot believe my baby will be one soon! No biggie are words used a ton in our house. Like tonight when Adie spilled her drink underneath the table (which I totally scrubbed and polished this afternoon but no biggie) or when Aden totally takes off naked when I am trying to change his diaper. I always tell Adie and Aden (Eric too) that I love their guts and with Valentine's Day coming up that tee is the cutest for my little guy. I just want to squeeze him all of the time. The stuffed alligator is one of my favorite things of Aden's. 

Happy weekending guys and happy eight months to my squishy sweet Aden Mommy and Daddy (Adie too) love your guts! You're our favorite little guy, ever! XO

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