Thursday, January 14, 2016

California Christmas 2015

Just like that another wonderful Christmas (and New Year) and it's already over. It was magical and just perfect with my three favorites and hope you guys had the best holiday weekend with lots of family and lots of love.

This year for Christmas was a little different than we are used to. No snow, just the four of us and a new house! I loved it! Missed family and friends but couldn't be happier watching my little babies open presents and be so happy. Christmas I made everyone get ready so we can take our usual family selfie picture. Sometimes It's always a crazy hassle but I am so glad we have the memories! We always open a gift on Christmas Eve night and this year Adie was so excited for her slippers and pajamas, she kept saying, "Thank you Mommy and Daddy, I love them!" She is so fun! We put our cookies out for Santa and tucked our babies in bed. It's so fun playing Santa, I was so excited and could hardly sleep! All night Adie kept waking up and asking if Santa came. He only comes when you're asleep baby girl! She woke up super early and told me she saw Rudolph's nose and heard a noise and that's when she looked out our window and saw him with the most serious face ever. She literally kills me. 

Christmas morning was so magical and crazy trying to video it with our new GoPro (thanks Papa and Grandma Anderson) and take pictures and just to enjoy each moment of unwrapping presents, laughing and getting excited because Santa came. Seeing her excitement makes everything worth it! We Face Timed with my parents so they could see her cute face in the morning. She opened her gifts and wanted to play with each one of them ... a true kid and it was so fun! She loved everything wrapped under the tree that was for her and even a few of Aden's gifts. With three sets of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and her baby brother she has enough toys to last for forever! Time to clean out and organize her closet to make room! Breakfast was simple and now to be honest I don't remember what we had, probably waffles :) and a Dr. Pepper! Adie wanted one of those little dogs that you see at the toy store right when you walk in barking and flipping, she saw it at the fair almost a year ago and wanted one since. Christmas morning one was under the tree from Santa and she was scared of it ... kids! Aden chilled out in Adie's old car she got on her first Christmas most of the morning until we unwrapped presents with him. He seemed to want everything we unwrapped with him. He would grab and eat everything, books, clothes his new alligator. I love Christmas! With kids it's so much more than I could have ever imagined and I think better than when I was a kid!

I made a turkey dinner basically for me and Eric but the leftovers were awesome and I still have the wishbone to make wishes on with my girl! I could cook a turkey like once a week ... and mashed potatoes, YUM! Seriously has me so excited for next Christmas with my family coming up! eeek! That means I can totally decorate the table, the house, and party every night! So excited! We have plenty of time to make our house a comfy home before the holidays! We finally bought a kitchen table and love it. I have been on the hunt for a little decor for the center of the table while no one is eating at it and a rug to catch all of Adie and Aden's crumbs. I am working on gathering a few of my favorite things for a post later. With two kids, a husband and California adventures much later :)

Here's a ton of pictures from Christmas! XO

Hope you guys had the most magical Christmas and a New Year filled with sparkles!

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