Tuesday, December 22, 2015

'Tis the Season to Bake

Today we made cookies for Santa and Adie loved it! She was a hot mess but it was the best morning ever. She helped mix, roll and decorate our sugar cookies. I hope she always remembers baking with her Momma even if it was from a bag we bought at Target. I am exhausted and they don't taste the same so we might have to make more and I want to make a ton of these for hot chocolate! She kept telling me who each cookie was for and she even saved one for her Elf on the Shelf, Heart! This time of year you can always find the best treats so we rounded up a few of our most favorite.

I love chocolate covered anything! At the movies back home I always grab Mountain Chocolate Factory dipped pretzels. Which if you haven't seen Mission Impossible go rent it from Redbox and eat a ton of chocolate covered pretzels :) it was so good. With two babies and moving to California we don't get out much ... I need babysitters! Eric loves peppermint and those cheesecakes looks so yummy and perfect for any holiday party!

Christmas morning will be so ah-mazing! Adie has no idea how her Christmas is going to be rocked. I love that she is all about Santa and Heart this year and how it works wonders when she decides to throw one of her super important tantrums! But Christmas morning I want to make those overnight cinnamon rolls with muffins, donuts and little treats, I am so excited!!! Popcorn is a huge hit with all of us and we put it in our favorite jars so we can grab it whenever! I need to have a baking party, how fun would that be. Lots of Christmas music or Justin Bieber's new album :) baking and girl talk! Almonds are super healthy and with dark chocolate you won't regret eating more than a handful! Adie loves the movie Rudolph and those cookies would make her laugh! They are so stinking cute, we just have to make one for Santa's reindeer!

Eric's favorite cookies are snickerdoodle and speaking of snickerdoodle I cannot wait until Scandal comes back in February! Is anyone else dying to know what happens?! For now I am catching up on Quantico and it's good. I want to try the triple chocolate truffle cheesecake cookies with all of those add-ons! Looks totally yum! Any of these would make perfect gifts for friends, neighbors or heck for yourself!!! Ha! Now with only two more days until Santa shows up, I still have a couple things to grab to say I am done and ready to watch my little favorites have the best Christmas and I am so excited my sister is coming to visit the day after!!

 We have been doing everything by the Christmas tree it's just too beautiful not to! Watching Adie decorate cookies is by far the funniest thing ever, she is so a perfectionist and hates when the frosting gets on her hands. Today was the perfect day to stay inside and make cookies, it is still raining and Adie wants to go play in it and I am over here like no lets go snuggle and watch Rudolph! Tomorrow I am taking her to a cute little cupcake shop, we're writing Santa a letter and wrapping a few more presents to put under the tree. 

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