Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Elf on the Shelf

Meet Heart our Elf on the Shelf. She showed up a day late probably because of the move but Adie is obsessed. She went up to her and told me she doesn't talk, grabbed her and giggled the entire time. I wasn't sure if she would completely understand the whole "reporting back to Santa" but she seems to have grasped the concept until she had a meltdown and told me she hated Santa and then she cried saying she missed him all in a nights time! We're still working on the being good and reporting to Santa! 

We read the story and Adie picked Heart and I have been trying to get her to name it anything else but she always says Heart and so it's stuck! She giggled through the entire little North Pole breakfast with mini powdered donuts and chocolate milk with Aden. I tried to explain to her that Heart is magic and goes to see Santa every  night and reports back to him if she's been good or bad. I love seeing their eyes light up which truly makes being a parent the best ever. She has been pushing Aden around in her old pink car and they both laugh hysterically until Aden cries ha but it is the best watching your little babies play and laugh. We put Adie's tree up the other day and Heart camped out for a couple days and on our new mantel so little fingers wouldn't get curious. 

I think we will wait another year to do all of the over night Elf fun since we're still getting settled into our new place. So for now she will be low key and keeping an eye on little Adie and Aden. Pinterest is brilliant and a total game changer. We are planning on getting our tree tomorrow and I am so excited, we already have a few presents to wrap and stick under the tree. This year we are doing simple especially after packing and unpacking Adie's room ... she has more than enough of everything but I have a few fun surprises for her and my little Aden. I love this time of year!


  1. Cute post on your new elf, and congrats on your move! Looking forward to reading about how you guys settle in. My hubby and I are transplants to a new state also, and meeting new people and making friends as an adult I have found to be hard :(

    1. Thanks Patti :) I totally wish I was a kid again ha! It's the worst ... where did you guys settle? Thanks for stopping by! xo