Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love everything about a real Christmas tree (until it's time to take it down) during the holidays! I have had my eye on the classic simple tree and I drove around California for a week looking for a lot that has them and finally one night driving around looking for a car wash we found the lot. After two trips, wearing the same dress (for three days straight), Adie getting lost, having a panic attack and two candy canes later we found the perfect tree! I will forever get our tree here, they were so fun and even gave us a little trick to keep our tree smelling like we just cut it down from the forest. When we asked Adie what tree we should get she knew exactly the one, walked up to it and said this is the one! She even wanted to buy a little one to put in Aden's room! I stinking just love her guts.

They guy that helped put our tree on the car gave Adie the most important job and that was to hold the end of the string until we got home so the tree wouldn't fly off the car. She had a tight grip of the rope in one and a candy cane in the other. I love that wherever you are Christmas is the same, moving during the holidays suck but we have managed to do a few fun festive things to make it feel a little more like home. I seriously think everyone who has toddlers needs to get Elf on the Shelf because she has been a complete angel and I just love it! Today she totally shared her little mini car with a new friend across the street, tried feeding Aden his apples + cinnamon oats, snuck a donut (while Eric was on duty) and totally owned up to it when I got home and gives the best kisses! She has a little note and the cutest Rudolph finger puppets waiting for her under the tree that I still need to add a view ornaments to. Why don't ornaments come with hooks?!? 

Happy picking out your trees and being festive! Tomorrow we are off to one of our favorite stores Land of Nod to pick out a view things for brother and to put on our letters to Santa! XO!

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