Friday, December 18, 2015

December Things

Seriously, less than a week left until Christmas! Tonight we finished our Christmas shopping and I totally had to Google Maps a store because it's that ah-mazing! My new favorite place! Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle is always my game plan but this year I kept everything simple. Gifts, decorations, treats and even stockings. With just moving to California on Thanksgiving and getting things settled I'm lucky we got our tree up. Which by the way is my favorite tree ever! 

A few of my favorite things this December have been getting our tree (you can see more here) and Adie holding the rope so the tree wouldn't fall off the entire way home! She was so excited when we got home and the tree was still on the roof of the car! We have been spending a lot of time next to the tree taking it all in and Aden rocking in his favorite (and mine) rockaroo makes getting our festive popcorn ready that much easier! 

The first thing that went up was Adie's tree in her room and nothing has been more magical than putting that tree up every year! Every year her face lights up even more than the year before! This year she keeps telling me she needs more ornaments so I have been grabbing a few to out on her gifts! I cannot wait until Christmas morning! Tonight I told Eric I don't even care about gifts for me because when you have kids that doesn't even matter anymore. I am so excited to watch her face light up and totally be rocked that Santa showed up! 

I bought Adie this stool I have been swooning over for months and grabbed it when The Land of Nod had a sale and I don't know if I should send it back or count my blessings! She is even more independent than before and is obsessed with climbing into Aden's crib and today I almost died when she woke Aden up just because she wanted to see him! She washes her hands, brushes her teeth and makes funny faces for hours in her bathroom! Clean up is a real treat! :) I love my two favorites connection and how they both light up when they see each other and Adie can make Aden laugh like no one else can! Pure magic for this Momma! Love their sweet little guts so much!

When Aden took his nap we made Adie's gingerbread house and she was so funny to watch! At first she inhaled the marshmallows like the bears do on The Lorax ... shove shove shoved them in her mouth. Then every single piece of candy had to go on her house with little eat some frosting breaks. She would take a step back and look at her gingerbread house and say, "Mommy, look a doorbell, and we need more candy!" She really has been an angel girl with the normal three and a half year old meltdowns. I would too if I ran out of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Santa called her and told her that he can't wait to come by our house since she's been put on the nice list! She kept telling him her wish list and then he had to go and she's like "Mom , he hung up on me!" I was dying! She is such a ham and sometimes I can't even. It's been so fun this Christmas watching her believe like she does! 

Aden has been sitting up on his own and he is so close to crawling and getting his first tooth! Makes for play time that is totally crazy and nights that are so interrupted and sweet! His new sassy face makes all of us laugh because his little nose scrunches up and we all just laugh so much! Adie thinks it's the funniest! I made this advent calendar a few years ago for Adie so we have been doing a few fun festive things. I cannot wait to do s'mores by the fireplace! We are about to rock her world and make ours a little crazy!

Cheers to the weekend and last weekend before Christmas! Making cookies, watching Elf 5430453453 times and snuggling until we fall asleep! XO!

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