Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Wish List

Today feels like a Monday and it's almost over. It was so fun to see my parents this weekend (even though it was just overnight) and Adie keeps asking to go visit Papa. My Dad did a few around the house simple things that no one wants to bug the landlord for since your Hubby is 24/7 at work. I love how at any age you can always count on your Dad to help, miss you already Dad. xo 

I've gathered a few things that I have been window shopping for and since we have our new home all I want to do is make it stinking cute! I have a vision for every little area of this California home besides the dinning room but can't wait to show you guys my inspiration and when it's all finished! But for know these are a few things that made my list.
That Kate Spade book all in good taste is the cutest book that every girl needs. Even if you just put in on your bookshelf to look cute. You can literally find them anywhere! The glass vase from West Elm would look perfect in one of our bathrooms filled with fresh flowers that Adie keeps insisting we buy some. Which we just might have to grab some after her pre-school orientation tomorrow. I do not need a pair of new sneakers but these white and gold new balance ones would be perfect dressed up or casual! I already know how I would pair it with this skirt I have and you can't beat 30% off and free shipping! 

I always think gift cards make the perfect gift especially as we get older! But since we have our new place it makes me happy making it a home and you have to shop to make it a home :) fill it with sofas we'll snuggle up on, chairs we'll play peek-a-boo behind and everything else that fills the space to create a home! So Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and Target all make my list! I am in need of a new purse since I have had it for forever, it's been shoved full of everything you need for babies and drug around the house by your little everything that's mom's is mine too! This one is so practical with two babies and I need both hands for Adie's hand, Aden's carseat, the diaper bag, a few bags from Target and my thirstbuster!

I have been drooling over sunglasses like these and now that we live in California with all the sunshine it's a must, right!?! The Mama Bird tee is by far one of the favorite tees that I have to have and they even have a matching baby bird onesie! Total photo shoot opportunity with my little stud ... on the beach would be so fun!!!! I won a pair of these Woven Pear socks and LOVE them and these pair need to be on my feet dancing around with my little Adie babes! I ordered a pair of slippers for Adie for Christmas Eve and found a matching pair for me! #twins :) I love these and they are perfect for our place and to snuggle up by the fire roasting marshmallows! So excited to make all these fun memories with my three favorites in this new house!

Hope you guys are getting everything checked off your lists! XO

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