Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas List

I cannot believe Christmas a little over two weeks away and it feels like summer in Southern California! I love the sunshine and not wearing everything in your closet to stay warm. Confession. Adie's little tree in her room is the only Christmas decor in our home, well that's unpacked. Most of the boxes are unpacked but we are still getting settled and familar with our new place we call home. I have made a ton of trips to target which is always fun with Adie reaching for everything and telling me to go faster Little Einstein style! I bought a couple of these bottle brush trees for Aden's room and I always find them behind his rocking chair, she literally kills me. This year has been so fun getting in the Christmas spirit with my sweet girl. She was obsessed with putting the ornaments on her tree and I loved watching her but her ornament placement was driving my perfectionist personality crazy. She wanted to pick out a star for the top and we found the perfect starfish at Tommy Bahama and it looks perfect!

I love that this year we decided to do simple and especially after packing Adie's room she doesn't need anything. We saw Santa last week and she told him she wants this Rosalina amiibo and these two little puppies she saw at the fair months ago. She never forgets! Heart our little Elf reminds Santa every day what she wants. The other night Heart left Adie a note thanking her for the midnight snack and that Santa says hi and she came running to me to tell me she got an invitation! Cutest thing ever. 

Every time I would look at the Candy Kirby Dolls Adie would always say I want that like a boss. I love any hair accessories for her and those J.Crew ones are perfect for her little stocking. I fell in love with the alphabet blocks from this post and cannot wait to see Adie play with them and probably Aden eating them. Every Christmas Eve I have been getting pajamas as a gift to open so Christmas morning we're all festive and ready to open presents and those slippers are to die for.

Aden is still a little guy that doesn't really need much besides milk, food and naps! But he is so close to crawling it's cracking all of us up so I thought those push dinosaurs would be perfect for when he's all over the house. Which is one of the craziest stages right after the teething stage of torture! I always buy an ornament for my three favorites and one day I can give a box full of Christmas memories to each of my babies and then I'll bawl because they'll be grown up! Something to read is always at the top of my list and I found these cute books I can't wait to read to Aden! That Ninja one is too stinking cute. Pajamas and slippers will be perfect for my must have pictures in the morning after Santa comes and I am dying over those reindeer ones.

Here's hoping we'll grab a tree for Santa to put gifts under otherwise we're squeezing into Adie's room for a family selfie opening presents. Happy Monday! XO

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