Thursday, December 3, 2015

California Living

 We have been unpacking, cleaning, unpacking, shopping, unpacking, making a ton of u-turns and making this stinking cute house a home! We are so excited to call this home and listening to Adie say California is now my new favorite thing ever. I love the palm trees and cannot wait to get a few in the backyard with a picnic table to have snacks at, Sunday brunches and birthday parties with my three favorites. It's so fun creating a space you want to be and that your little babies can play and laugh all day long. I still cannot believe I get to raise two little beach bums!

The weather is perfectly sunny and I do not miss the snow at all back in Utah. We were meant to get good tans and have salty beach hair. I'm not sure Adie totally gets that we moved but her stories are getting better and better. Everything is California, her barbies are going to California, she wakes up from her five minute nap to Target and asks if we are in California yet. She is my favorite! Chick-fil-A is Adie's must have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and she gets the confused so she tells me she wants breakfast when its bedtime. We picked a few things up for our new home and emptied a few more boxes today and I think we will be settled in six months. Ha! There is so much stuff and so many new things I want to really make it feel like our house! So excited! Tomorrow we are on the hunt for West Elm and the sale they have on these wood stumps I want one for Aden's room and for our loft that I want to make more of a playroom, you can see it all here!

Happy Weekending!

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